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50x50m Large Tent With ABS Wall For Outdoor Event

This 50x50m Large Event Tent can accommodate 3,000 people, the width and length can be adjusted by 5m to fit the change in number. The standard tent sidewall is made of PVC material, which is our most economical type. 

This 50x50 event tent used luxury ABS solid wall, the price is higher than PVC material sidewall, it looks more elegant and luxury, which can enhance the impression of your event tent. Furthermore, the ABS solid wall is strong that can keep the tent inside area safe. So if you have some high-level event, the ABS solid wall is a good choice.

Event Tent Series Specifications

Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
40m 5m 11.5m 5m 400x170x7/10mm (4 - channel)
50m 5m 13.0m 5m 400x170x7/10mm (4 - channel)
55m 5m 14.0m 5m 400x170x7/10mm (4 - channel)
60m 5m 14.6m 5m 400x170x7/10mm (4 - channel)

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