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Sport Event Tent For China Open Designated

Liri Tent sponsor the 2014 the 11th China Open as the official tent supplier, who provided pagoda tent, arcum tent, and VIP reception double decker tent for the event. 

The double decker sport event tent used for VIP dining area was a two-storey structure, it get 200% usage of the land, which means more seat capacity created by the limited size of land. The total area of this sport event tent was 6,600 square meter with width 30 meter by length 110 meter. It is able to accommodate 4,000 people to dine at the same time. The double decker sport event tent adopt inflatable roof, which created a quite indoor atmosphere, especially during windy weather when the normal tent roof fabric creates loud noise by flapping on the roof beam. The roof fabric adopts PVDF material, in addition to anti-aging, anti-UV, flame retardant, self-cleaning, mildew features; it also has insulation, thermal insulation and long life cycle. Tent structure is safe and secure by adopting aluminum extrusions bracket and plug-in with very precise degree.

The arcum tent used for audience entrance security check point has a unique shape. The beautiful arc roof line brought a modern feel to the structure that makes it blended in well with the National Tennis Center.

Sport Event Tent Series Specifications

Span Width
Eave Height Ridge Height First Floor Height Bay Distance Main Profile
10m 6.75m 8.50m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
15m 6.75m 9.34m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
20m 6.75m 10.17m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
25m 6.75m 11.0m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
30m 6.75m 11.75m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
40m 6.75m 13.5m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm

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