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Large Industrial tents for sale and rental

Liri tents research and develop a new steel structural industrial tent after implementing eco-friendly movable industrial tent house. The new industrial tent is made of eco-friendly steel. Based on its modular design, the length of the tent is unlimited. Industrial tent can resist to strong wind up to 120km/h.

Additionally, a variety of accessories are optional for industrial tent, such as steel plate shear wall, sandwich panel wall, single gate, air-conditioning, the film heat insulation roof, PVC tarpaulin, roller shutter, push-pull window, etc.

Compared to traditional storage architecture, industrial warehouse tent supported by structure frame has advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, thermal insulation, etc. Meanwhile, it is light weight, easy to transport and install.

Liri industrial tent for rent is widely used in large factories, industrial storage, hangar, large sport venues, etc. It can satisfy different needs of different customers, and it give you a better choice.

Industrial Tent Series Specifications

Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
10m 4m 7.16m 5m 204x120x4mm
12m 4m 7.40m 5m 204x120x4mm
15m 4m 8.75m 5m 204x120x4mm
18m 4m 9.15m 5m 204x120x4mm
20m 4m 9.42m 5m 204x120x4mm
25m 4m 11.72m 5m 256x121x5mm
30m 4m 13.2m 5m 256x121x5mm
40m 4m 15.60 5m 300x120x5mm
50m 4m 16.0m 5m 400x120x7mm
60m 4m 18.0m 5m 400x120x7mm

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