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Moduling Tent For Sports Event

Moduling sports tent is the most flexible big tent structure,  it has infinite possibilities, the  span from 10 meters to 60 meters, every 3 meters or 5 meters per bay. Due to space limitations or requirements for sports events, the modular sports tent is the best choice for those event organizers some times need to build more than 30 meters span large tents, but sometimes need to build 10 meters or 20 meters in a small tent, .

Since it's flexible, moduling sports tent can meet the different requirements of a variety of large and small sporting events, whether it is used as an indoor football stadium, swimming pool, ice rink, tennis court, or as security, restaurant, lounge .

Furthermore, the moduling sports tent can provide a variety of sizes, we also provide many different option of flooring. There are many diffenences in appearance, the A shape roofing, multi-arched, peach, arch and double decker and more. There is no doubt that in the next few years, more and more events will use  moduling sports tent.

Sport Event Tent Series Specifications

Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
10m 4m 7.16m 5m 204x120x4mm
12m 4m 7.40m 5m
15m 4m
8.75m 5m
18m 4m
9.15m 5m
20m 4m
9.42m 5m
25m 4m
11.72m 5m
30m 4m
13.20m 5m
40m 4m
15.60m 5m
50m 4m
16.0m 5m
60m 4m
18.0m 5m

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