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Half Sphere Tents For Wedding

If you want to hold your wedding ceremony in a special structure on the grassland, a wedding tent can help you to finish it. 

In recent years, half sphere wedding tents for sale is more and more popular for weddings because it is a special structure with different sizes from 5m to 30m diameter available. Their frame are hot-dip and double layer galvanized steel. The PVC cover style of these wedding tents for sale can be customized based on your requirement, especially the transparent one, which is most popular for outdoor luxury wedding, high end product launch show etc. And no matter it is for wedding or other usage, we have accessories of wedding tents for sale that can help you in various situations including tables and chairs, lighting and lantern, curtains and linings. 

Whatever style you want, we can help you.

Wedding Tent Series Specifications

Type Diameter Ceiling Height Floor Area Volume
HST-5 5m 2.5m 20m2 33m3
HST-6 6.29m 3.85m 30m2 70m3
HST-8 8m 4.7m 50m2 135m3
HST-9.5 9.5m 4.75m 75m2 225m3
HST-12 12m 6m 110m2 450m3
HST-14 14m 7.85m 154m2 700m3
HST-19 19m 9.5m 283m2 1795m3
HST-25 25m 12.5m 490m2 4090m3
HST-30 30m 15m 706m2 7070m3

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