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Sport Event Tent For Sailing Regatta 

The annual top level boat sailing events--China Cup Regatta is held in the beautiful Daya Bay, Shenzhen. It attracts over 100 boats with 1000 sailors from more than 33 nationalities to compete in the event. 

As the largest boat sailing event in China, with the past five years’ success and experience, the China Cup International Regatta has become the largest international boat sailing regatta event in Asia. In this event, in addition to the excellent performance of athletes, the emergence of sport event tents also gained great attention.

As the leader in tent industry, Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. became the designated tent suppliers and sponsors for 2013 China Cup International Regatta, providing professional boat sailing sport event tent installation and maintenance services.Besides, Liri Tent offered various series sports event tents for many famous sports competitions in China, including National Games of China, Asian Games and China Open etc.

China Cup International Regatta is developed into not only a well-known international competitions, but also a unique platform of Blue Ocean marketing in China. The "Blue Life" concept it advocated has affected most Chinese people's lifestyle and the "blue civilization" has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of Chinese people. Generally speaking, the blue spirit of China Cup Regatta is in constant bloom.

Sport Event Tent Series Specifications

Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
8m 3.3m 4.53m 5m 152x119x4.00mm (4 - channel)
10m 3.3m 4.85m 5m 152x119x4.00mm (4 - channel)
12m 3.3m 5.16m 5m 152x119x4.00mm (4 - channel)
15m 3.3m 5.62m 5m 152x119x4.00mm (4 - channel)
16m 3.3m 5.72m 5m 152x119x4.00mm (4 - channel)
18m 3.3m 6.01m 5m 152x119x4.00mm (4 - channel)

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