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Sports Tent From Liri

Tennis, as an elegant sports, is very popular all over the world, called the world’s second largest ball games. The Grand Slam Tennis is the world's most important annual tennis tournament. Liri Tent offered various series sports event tents for many famous sports competitions in China, including China Open, WUHAN Open and WTA Elite Trophy.

With the tennis spread out in our country, our exercising passion is higher and higher. Most of the tennis courts are located in middle and large cities, very rare outdoor courts, most importantly is the fixed court that requires large labor, source and financial support, but the temporary and movable tennis court well solve these issues, and meet different requirement.

       Liri movable indoor sports tent for tennis court use high pressed aluminum frame, which is economical, flexible, safe and environmental protective, building and construction time is short, easy to set up and disassemble, also recyclable. Our PVC- coated polyester fabric, is waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, wind resistant, which can be used in most weather and treated against deterioration due to rot and mildew, make sure every sports event in the sports tent for can be held smoothly in any season.

       Liri supplys various accessories, like the lighting, air conditioning and other items for sports tent for tennis court, customized service consult for different requirement of sports tent for tennis court is welcome.

Sports Event Tent Series Specifications

Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
10m 4m 7.16m 5m 204x120x4mm
12m 4m 7.40m 5m 204x120x4mm
15m 4m 8.75m 5m 204x120x4mm
18m 4m 9.15m 5m 204x120x4mm
20m 4m 9.42m 5m 204x120x4mm
25m 4m 11.72m 5m 256x121x5mm
30m 4m 13.20m 5m 256x121x5mm
40m 4m 15.60m 5m 300x120x5mm
50m 4m 16.0m 5m 400x120x7mm
60m 4m 18.0m 5m 400x120x7mm

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