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sports event tent introduce

Liri Tent becomes the offical tent supplier of Wuhan Tennis Open which is a heavyweight tennis tournament that second only to the four Grand Slam and the WTA Crown tournament, and we supply a range of movable tents. Moreover, actually we are also a partner for the China Tennis Open and the Zhuhai WTA Super Classic Tournament for many years. 

Liri Tent offers a variety of tents for event features, such as security offices, athletes lounge, restaurants, shops and so on. All of our tents can complete installion in a short time, and they are easy assembly and dismantling. So we finished the installion in advance before the game and remove the tents from competition venues as soon as possible so that the venues can be use for other places such as training, fitness or any other activities faster. Actually most of the competition venues serving for large events so the movable structure of Liri Tent is the best solution for them.

With the growing of international sporting events that holding in some major cities, the audience began to know more about the sports event tent, in fact many tents with nearly the same appearance, but the internal details are totally different. However, it is precisely these different details determine the event success or failure. The details affects the overall structural performance and safety, bad details resulting in the service of entire event greatly reduced. Liri Tent does well in every detail and the perfect details get trust from our clients, that is why we cooperate with  a lots of tournament organizers for many years.

Liri Tent not only adhere to the use of high-quality aluminum and tarpaulin to make the structure of sports event tent more secure and more beautiful, but also constantly improve the design to reduce the time of assembly and dismantling for better user experience. We also focus on creating various types of new designs to meet the different needs of customers.

Sport Event Tent Series Specifications

Span Size Eave Height Ridge Height Main Profile
3*3m 2.5m 3.88m 85x72x2.5mm
4*4m 2.5m 4.28m 85x72x2.5mm
5*5m 2.5m 4.70m 102x72x2.5mm
6*6m 2.5m 5.10m 102x72x2.5mm

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