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Even though lots of fantastical showplaces have shocking enough, but Chanel head Lafayette made another shocking move, he personally remade the Grand Palace in Paris into the Chanel No. 5 rocket launch space center, and personally lighted the flame, following the airport, casino, supermarket, Rocket launch space center. The experience is very cool, a dream and science fiction.

As fashion is displayed in various creative ways, can apply to other product. Recently, Liri Tent, worked closely with a large construction machinery company to create eye-catching glass wall exhibition tents exhibition hall. The mobile structure offers more options for the product launch, no venue limitation. As the most eye-catching structure during the exhibition, our transparent glass wall enable the 360-degree showroom.

In addition to the glass wall exhibition tents, Liri Tent also provides a wide range of mobile buildings as a showroom, such as flat roof tents, double-decker exhibition tent, arc tents and so on.

Two Storey Exhibition Tent Series Specifications

Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height First Floor Height Bay Distance Main Profile
10m 6.75m 8.50m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
15m 6.75m 9.34m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
20m 6.75m 10.17m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
25m 6.75m 11.0m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
30m 6.75m 11.75m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm
40m 6.75m 13.50m 3.21m 5m 300x120x5mm

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