When you want to hold a banquet or an event, you will first consider the need for a venue, then the tent shall be your prior option. For a short-term event, in order to lower the cost and improve the economic efficiency, choosing to buy second-hand tents will be your best choice.

Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and production of tents for 20 years, and we provide sales of second-hand tents. The same as our brand new tents, our second-hand marquee is made of high-strengthened aluminum alloy frame and fire-resistant PVC fabric, which is in line with the European DIM4102 B1, M2 standard, safe and secure. Our used-tents are not only rich in variety but also has beautiful appearance and sense of the times. And we also have high-end VIP cassette floor, good lighting glass walls, ceilings, curtains, as well as air conditioning and other ancillary equipment available, which will meet your needs of various high-end activities.

To provide better second-hand tent products, our company, Liri Tent, introduced fabric washing machine from German, realizing automatic cleaning for our PVC fabric, which is something only a few companies can do in China. To make sure that the fabric is clean and tidy, we wash all of them with our German made cleaning machine before they go out of our factory. The installation of our second-hand tent is very easy and convenient, so you can build a satisfying tent anywhere you want on the outdoor ground.

Our second-hand tent will save you costs and help you build a high price performance ratio outdoor venue. To learn more details, feel free to contact our online customer service.


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