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LIRI tent, cube tent, double decker tent---Beauty of made in China

Release date:2017-04-25

The Beauty of Made In China

        Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd was established by our CEO and general manager Mr. Liang Weimin. In 1997, he saw a product in a car racing circuit, and this product was introduced from a foreign country. As a mechanical engineer, he thought there was no such product in China, and we can make some extensions on this product, that became our first small tent, with about 6m width. Story begun from that time, now we can make 60m span, even 80m span tent, which is without any central poles, 100% utilization space, and length is extendable without limitation. 
        Now there are growing demands for high-end events, then we developed a new model-Cube Tent to meet market needs. The advantages of the cube tent:
        1. It is two layers thermo roof, which is stronger and more stable, even with strong wind and heavy rain, the roof won't flap as single layer roof. Also, the thermo roof is with better insulation.
        2. Cube structure is with lower roof pitch, then wind resistance to the structure decrease, so the cube structure is with better wind loading performance.
        3. Glass walls and solid walls can be adopted to be the wallings of the cube structure, and then it looks like a permanent structure.
        4. The cube structure can be with billboards around the tent. There is a 2m height frame on the top around the structure, and then clients can make advertisements based on their needs.
       We have been working with Made-in-China for many years, from the very beginning of Made-in-China. Six years ago, Made-in-China started the project The Beauty of Made in China, and we also show our great support to it. We attended 4 times, and won prizes three times. Also we also improve a lot during this project, the developments on design, appearance and details. Thanks to the project The Beauty of Made in China, we learn a lot and develop a lot.
      Find the beauty of made in China, and verify made in China.
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