Beer Festival Tents Video

Liri Tent, as the official tent supplier, has built 18 tents for the Qingdao international beer festival, including 30m, 40m, 50m polygon tents, 30m, 40m double-decker tents, and 25m sacrum tents. Among them, the 50m polygon tent is the new canopy of this beer festival, providing wide and comfortable leisure and entertainment area for tourists. […]

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45m Clear Span Tent for Sports Venue Installation Video

In this video, two beautifully designed, safe and stable Arcum Tents are installing for the tennis stadium, which is said to be a copy of the French Roland Garros clay court. These tents feature high-strength aluminum alloy frame structure, fire-retardant PVC fabric, modular structure, and Innovative structural design, providing customers with a comfortable and wide […]

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80000 Square Meter Exhibition Tents for Airshow Video

Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd.(Zhuhai) is the first and largest tent company in China, focusing on design, manufacture, sale, and rental of high-quality tents for over 20 years. Liri Tent provides all security check areas, VIP lounges, temporary exhibition halls, restaurants and some exhibition halls for Airshow China, with a total area of more than […]

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Event Tents of LIRI TENT for Ferrari Challenge Racing Video

The Fast and the furious, the scene of Ferrari Challenge Racing also can have a comfortable leisure space. Liri’s Arcum Tents are not only beautiful in appearance but also full of fashion sense, which provides a brilliant and wide range of rest space. Liri Tent as a tent supplier can also offer a variety of […]

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Liri Tent Fire Safety Training and Fire Drill

In order to enhance employees’ fire safety awareness and self-projection ability, Liri Tent organized all staff to carry out the fire safety training activities, to teach them the basic safety knowledge and fire extinguishing method. By sharing pictures and videos, the Director Mrs. Xie made a list of some big fire accidents that occurred in […]

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Multi-Purpose Temporary Sports Halls Video

LIRI temporary sports buildings will be able to make more use of the idle space and fragmented space in the cities, according to the size of the venue to build different sizes of the temporary stadium, including tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool, soccer arena and so on.

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Large 60m & 30m Geodesic Dome Tents Video

It is the first time that the 60m geodesic dome tent had been used in a large sports event. The interior area is near 3,000 square meters. This 60m geodesic dome tent may be the largest geodesic dome tent in the world so far. It can hold 2,500 people at a time. F1 Bahrain Grand […]

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Relocatable Flower Show Tent Video

Let’s enjoy the wonderful flower show in the big event tent installed by Liri Tent. In order to keep the tent in a cool environment, our constructors had set up several air conditioners inside.

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