Social Responsibility

Exalted Morality

Contribution to Society: The Duty of LIRI TENT
LIRI TENT is not only focus on manufacturing high quality tent products, but also set contribution as a goal and take part in public activities positively.  The business philosophy of LIRI TENT is doing the best to serve clients, employees and society. LIRI’s target is to become the top class aluminum tent manufacturer all over the world.

Wind disaster relief

A Supertyphoon “Hato” attacked heavily our Zhuhai City on August 23rd, 2017.It is the strongest typhoon landing in China this year, which caused heavy damage on the traffic and industrial production, large area power outages, water supply and telecommunications stopped and has a huge direct economic loss and etc.

After this bad disaster, Liri takes a fast action to donate RMB 100,000 to the local government as the fund to rebuild the public facilities of our city.

Earthquake Relief

The earthquake at a Richter scale of 8 suddenly happened at 14:28 on May 12nd of 2008 in Sichuan province, it suffered huge losses, a huge number of houses were collapsed, it’s heartrending to know that thousands of students were killed in this destructive disaster. According to the preliminary statistics, 70% schools were severely damaged in Sichuan province, some county-level cities even can’t found any intact classroom. At this severe earthquake disaster, tent resources were in short supply, in order to support the disaster areas, LIRI TENT has donated four batches of tents that with a total value of more than 40 million CNY. The first batch was donated to the local Red Cross as control rooms and medical assistance stations, which worth 108,000 CNY. LIRI staff also have donated much money to the affected area.

In order to let the children return to schools in a short time, LIRI TENT contacted Bureau of Education of Deyang city directly at 21st May, and donated the rest three batch of tents to Mianzhu city and Dujiangyan city where the condition were serious bad, the total quantity is 26 units. Considering of the coming of the Children’s Day, some skillful engineers were dispatched to guide the tents’ installation on 27th May, and all tents were successfully erected before 1st June.

Each classroom tent can accommodate 48 students, there are two specifications, 8x9m tent as middle school classroom and 6x9m tent as primary school classroom, because of the high quality, the wind loading can reach at least 80km/hour which can guarantee the stability of the tents and the safety of children. Not only doors and mesh windows were equipped, but also tables, chairs, ventilation fans, lights and so on, which makes the students feel like studying in normal concrete classrooms.

Donations to Schools

The owner of Liri Tent is Mrs. Chen Li who is keen on doing charity work. Under her instruction, a large number of refugee tents were provided to the areas of 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, 2010 Qinghai Earthquake and 2013 Yaan Earthquake without any charge. The value of those tents is near to two million CNY. She has donated more than 100,000 CNY to Doumen Hospital to construct the buildings in 2014. She also is responsible for the tuition for many poor students from their high school to college. She was named as “Advanced Individuals of Social Work”, ” Outstanding Private Enterpriser in Doumen” and “Outstanding Businesswoman in Zhuhai City”.

Large Taxpayer

Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. is always doing credible businesses, we pay taxes in a large amount in every year.

The total tax amount is 4.5m million CNY in 2011,  6.8 million in 2012 and 4.16 million in 2013. Liri Tent was rewarded as the “Model Company in Zhuhai” and “Enterprise with Excellent Credit Standing in Guangdong” in 2013.  It was also honored as National high-tech Enterprise in 2014.

Employee Concern

In Liri Tent, staff is the most precious fortune. Liri Tent provides different training course for every staff.  Every year, Liri Tent organizes various events to improve the physical and mental health of the staff, such as annual parties, company travels and sports meetings.

Supporting National Sports Business

Under the special social background, it is quite hard for sport organizations to get enough funds to support sport events, this is a major obstacle which can stop and slow the development of national sport industry. Liri Tent is positively involved in this business, and a great number of high quality tents and good services were provided to some large-scale events, such as 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2015 World Athletics Championship in Beijing and so on.