Transparent Dome House

  1. General Details

    The main structure of Transparent Dome House does not contain a metal support frame, and the fully transparent design has a 360° wide field of view. It completely breaks the inherent shape of outdoor temporary buildings, allowing you to indulge in nature, enjoy the sunbathing, and admire the surrounding scenery.

    Without the barrier of reinforced concrete, while feeling the world, the fully enclosed electric curtain draws a limit for you, allowing you to sleep more at ease. Transparent Dome House is constructed of polycarbonate sheets and aviation aluminum profiles and is naturally non-toxic. The UV-proof co-extruded layer on the surface can not only prevent the star rooms from turning yellow but also convert sunlight into visible light without worrying about UV damage.

    When we were young, we always sat in the courtyard and looked at the stars in the sky. After growing up, the city’s high-rise buildings not only obscured the starry sky but also obscured us when we were young. When you lie in the vacant rooms of transparent stars, looking at the star sea close at hand, listening to the sound of insects by your ears, take you back to the night of nature.

    1. Which prices?

    2. Which prices? Sir

    3. Hello this is CEO. We provide supply and services to local Market, Pak Government, UN Agencies, world Bank, ABD and USAID, I have gone through LIRI website, I have found outstanding work specially dome shape transparent room, we have great potential of sale for dome shape room, we can be your authorized dealer for my company Pakistan.

      Please let us know how we can be jointly worked to achieve good business relationship.


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      I’m Daniel Kwilemba…I need more Information..

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