With high-quality, product safety, as well as efficiency, flexible and diversified services, Liri Tent are devoted ourselves to offering our clients the perfect temporary tent structure solutions, including the exhibition tent, event tent, hangar tent building and so on. We had won great reputations from customers all over the world.

Tent for Commercial Retail Store

Tent for commercial retail store is one of the innovative tent solutions from us, stores can be operated as usual even though under the bad weather.

Field Hospital Tent

They can quickly deploy the solutions of medical tents, field hospitals, and square cabin hospitals.

Medical Supplies Storage Tent

the emergence of medical supplies storage tents will be the best choice to solve the storage problem

Vehicle Epidemic Detection Tent

It can be used as temporary vehicle detection tent, personnel temperature detection tent, isolation tent, etc.

Inflatable Medical Tent

Inflatable Medical Tent from LIRI TENT is a kind of mobile and inflatable isolation tent

Medical Quarantine Tent

Setting up an isolation place in time is equivalent to racing against death.

Temporary Medical Waste Disposal

A temporary medical waste disposal site needs to be built and put into use in a short time.

Grain Storage Building

The interior of grain storage building adopts the large space structure design without center pillars.

Motor Sports Tent

The Two Story Tents for VIP Lounge space is relatively more flexible and advanced.

Sports Event Tent For 2019 WTA Finals

The Liri Tent built more than 30 different model tents, and the area is over 5,000 square meters for the Shenzhen WTA Finals..

40m Clear Width Outdoor Temporary Exhibition Tent

2016 Fair outdoor exhibition uses Liri exhibition Tent, the total area is 60,000 square feet, the exhibition tents sizes are 40m \ 30m \ 25m \ 20m \ 10m tents.

Customized Military Tent

military tent can be used as a temporary command center, temporary military training center, and a place for field army exercises.