Car Show Tent

As a temporary event, auto shows usually only need to obtain a huge space for display in a short period of time. Are you looking for such a suitable exhibition venue?

We have cooperated with many high-end car brands and have rich experience in car show tent design and construction. We can provide you with a variety of perfect temporary car show activities solutions and a pleasant atmosphere for visitors and exhibitors. We offer a variety of product ranges for car shows, the cube structure tent is the preferred.

The special inflatable roof design of the series creates a very comfortable indoor climate and reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning system used. Its iconic cube shape and surrounding glass walls enhance the overall sense of high quality and leave a deep impression on visitors. In addition, the Car Show Tent is both functional. A large amount of daylight comes in and illuminates the interior of the hall. The 360-degree display without blind spots can also reduce the energy consumption of the lighting system. Of course, if car brands want to maintain a sense of mystery, they can choose mirror glass walls or ABS walls. With its modular design, the tent provides a flexible plan for space expansion.

At the same time, the car show tent series can also meet all the requirements of the exhibition organizers for the temporary car exhibition hall: They are very flexible and can be set up and removed in the shortest time; They offer a wide range of design possibilities, a variety of decorative elements and design options to adapt the appearance of the temporary space to the existing brand design; The striking advertising exterior wall of the tent provides the best opportunity to display products and services directly.

60m Large Clear Span Event Tent

This event used LIRI's 60m large aluminum frame clear span event tent.

Car Trade Show Tent for Sale

The Exhibition Car Show Tent is made of PVC fabric and Aluminum Alloy material.

Car Show Tent for Jaguar New Product Release

The temporary car show tent from Liri Tent supplier was chosen as the venue for the Jaguar E-PACE new product launch, set up under the Guangzhou Tower.

Custom Auto Show Display Tents

Let's see some custom auto show display tent solutions we lately did for some launches of new cars. It may inspire you with some new ideas.

20 x 30 Event Tent Marquee for Auto Show

The pictures show a 20 x 30 event tent marquee which offers total 600 square meter event area, people inside can have an impressed vision.

White Event Tent for Benz Car Show

Nowadays, large event tent is more and more popular in all kinds of shows, and Liri has provided our white event tent for Benz Auto.

Arcum Tent for Car Show

In 2011, Liri Tent cooperated with Peugeot again and provided Peugeot with unique design sports event tent on the basis of the previous experiences.

Large Exhibition Marquee For Auto Show Test Drive

Large exhibition tent with PVC roof and aluminum alloy frame structure used for Large Auto Show, and PVC sied wall, ABS sidewall and glass wall are available for side wall cloth.

Double Decker Tent for Auto Car Exhibition

Liri double-decker structure for auto car exhibition tents is widely used for temporary pavilions, showrooms, reception and consulting rooms.

Auto Parts Exhibition Tent

The available accessories for Auto Parts Exhibition tent include the PVC window walls, clear PVC roof cover, clear PVC walls, rain gutter, ground anchors, and weight plates.