Ringlock Scaffolding Flooring

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  1. General Details

    Nowadays,The tent is familiar to many people. With the increasing need of tents in many large-scale events, temporary buildings such as tents are increasingly appearing in the public eye.

    As we all know, the tent is very inclusive and could be set up on grass, forests, beaches, and even water. When we apply the ringlock scaffolding system to the tent structure, it can solve the problem that many event planners can hold on their events at any locations. In other words, any location can be your next event location.

    Simple Ringlock Scaffolding System

    Freely adjustable height, decrease the assemble difficulty on the uneven ground

    How to set up a tent on an uneven ground? First, we need to measure the height drop of the ground and then set up the ringlock scaffolding system. Second, install the tent on the scaffolding. The height of the simple ringlock scaffolding system is freely adjustable so that you can use it on the venues with a height difference of fewer than 1.2 meters.

    The starting height of the scaffolding is only 0.2 meters and it is almost seamlessly connected to the ground. The load capacity of our ringlock scaffolding system is from 350kg to 600kg so that you can quickly install the tent without raising the ground or set upstairs.

    Recently, Liri Tent built an exhibition tent for a large-scale exhibition on the pitted lawn in the central city. The uneven ground brings great trouble to the decoration of the special booth in the exhibition area, also the usual booth. We suggested the organizers use our Simple Ringlock Scaffolding System, which not only solved the problem of uneven location assemble issue, but also met the requirements for the construction of special booths to ensure the smooth progress of the exhibition.

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