Exhibition Tents

The clear span width of our exhibition tents is from 3m to 60m. They can be convenient for all kinds of trade shows and exhibitions because of their various specifications and shapes. Exhibition tent could make up for limited space, high costs and monotonic exhibition forms of a traditional building.

We have rich experience in how to run the exhibition in tents. Like Canton Fair, Car Show, beer festival, these all our successful cases.

Exhibition tent from Liri Tent can apply to all kinds of exhibitions, whether it’s for short term or long term. Made of aluminum frame and PVC cover, these exhibition tents are anti-UV, wind-resistant, and flame retardant. Plus its modular and flexible design, it’s easy to transport and install. Many people prefer to exhibit in a tent instead of a concrete exhibition hall building because the tent is more economical, eco-friendly, and innovative.

Exhibit Hall for China Import and Export Fair 2024

With its rich experience and advanced technology, Liri has successfully provided exhibit hall solutions for it many times.

2023 Canton Fair Exhibition Tent

Liri Architecture Technology provided nearly 70,000 square meters of exhibition tents for the 134th Canton Fair.

Tent for Air Show 2022

All tents from Liri Tent can be used for a variety of different purposes, including security, restaurants, mobile hangars, temporary storage,

Exhibition Tents for Airshow China 2021

In 2021 Airshow China, LIRI provided various solutions that almost match each scene promptly, covered a total area of 35,000 square meters.

Temporary Outdoor Exhibition Tent for CIFTIS 2020

LIRI prefabricated mobile pavilion injects fresh vitality into the China International Service Trade Fair, showing an open and inclusive China to the world

40m Clear Width Outdoor Temporary Exhibition Tent

2016 Fair outdoor exhibition uses Liri exhibition Tent, the total area is 60,000 square feet, the exhibition tents sizes are 40m \ 30m \ 25m \ 20m \ 10m tents.

Thailand Flower Show Tent

Liri Tent built a 50m by 90m tent for the flower show tent in Thailand. regarded as an important country in the field of flower, is suitable for holding the flower show.

Trade Show Canopy Tents

Liri Tent customized a series of show tents for this tourism festival which combines the theater and surrounding buildings to create a unique landscape.

Temporary Exhibition Canopy Structures

LIRI exhibition canopy tent is becoming more and more popular due to environmental protection, easy installation, and reuse.

Waterproof Canopy Tent for Exhibitions

Liri waterproof canopy event tent is widely used for various exhibition events. Liri has made a great contribution to international exhibition event.

Temporary Outdoor Exhibition Tent

Temporary outdoor exhibition tents can quickly for a variety of exhibition hall provide more economic exhibition space of solutions.

Two Story Exhibition Tent with Wall

Recently, Liri Tent, worked closely with a large construction machinery company to create eye-catching two-story exhibition tent.

Fabric Exhibition Tent

LIRI TENT has been adopted standardization of work processes and provided over 10,000 square meters of fabric structures exhibition tent for the trade show.

Custom Trade Show Tent for Sale

Liri Tent offers high-quality exhibition tent mainly used for security checkpoints, break areas for staffs and volunteers, ticket offices etc.

Air Show Tents For China International Air Show

Liri Tent is the air show tents supplier and offers large outdoor exhibition tents for grand International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibitions in China.

40m Double Decker Exhibition Tent

40m exhibition tent opens a new innovative era, improving the 4m standard side height structures into 8m side height double-decker tents.

Transparent Exhibition Tent for Mercedes-Benz trade Show

Liri Tent has the variety of exhibition tents for choice, such as Pagoda Tent, Big Tent, Arcum Tent, Curve Tent, Double Decker Tent and so on.

Monet Art Exhibition Hall Tent

Liri Tent has provided 1800sqm exhibition tent for Monet Art Exhibition hall.

Security Checkpoint Tent for Exhibition

Liri tent divides security tent into two main purposes, namely, personnel security and vehicle security which widely used for outdoor activities.

Flattop Tent With Air Film Redefines Mobile Exhibition

Liri exhibition tent with flat top used for Auto show and the exhibition brought aesthetics of design with strength and the romantic concept car.

Luxury Exhibition Marquee Tents for Lexus Product Conference

Liri exhibition tent with luxury decorations which can accommodate 600 guests inside easily, used for new Lexus GS car show.