We can make high-quality bleachers which are popularly used for big gathering parties and events, sports games and so on.

  1. General Details

    We can make high-quality bleachers which are popularly used for big outdoor parties and events, sports events and so on. Also, our bleachers are good and popular. You can use it in the equestrian game tents, church tents, magic show tents and so on. Compared with the auditorium, the bleachers have very good characteristics, as it is in safe and flexible design. Easy to install and dismantle and long lifespan, low maintenance.

    Now we have some good improvements in our old design bleachers, especially on the details, for example:

    • Adjustment of the Aerial angle. The bleachers are generally higher than the stage, and the audience can watch the performance on the stage more clearly.
    • Neat arrangement. It allows viewers to sit back and watch the show.
    • Easy to install. It is flexible and easy for installation, dismantling, and storage.
    • Safety enhanced. All frames and the connections adopt high quality galvanized steel tubes, strong and very durable. And the flooring is under anti-skid treatment.
    • Comfortable. Materials of the chair we use are environmentally friendly, good appearance, durable, strong weather ability, easy to clean, and the design is adjusted based on the ergonomic, so the spectators can watch the show pleasantly.

    Our bleachers are suitable for all types of tents. We will customize according to the size and design of the tent. It also can be modified according to the customers’ requirements. Normally the bay is 2-2.5m, and the length is extendable without limitation, and the floor height can be customized from 32cm to 42cm. Liri designs the appropriate bleachers based on the customers’ requirements, and if you have any requests or suggestions, feel free to contact us directly, and we can have a further discussion.

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