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LIRI TENT provides kinds of accessories for events equipment including tent air conditioner which can refrigerate and heating and dehumidify.

  1. General Details

    As the demand for movable space grows, the modular tent structure covers part of the market, such as outdoor weddings, sports venues, temporary exhibitions, and so on. So specialized air conditioner for tent structures designed for the need and put into use.

    To make our customers access to one-stop-shop service, LIRI TENT provides kinds of accessories for events equipment including tent air conditioner which can refrigerate and heating and dehumidify. To meet the need for different kinds of space, there are several options for air conditioners such as 5hp,10hp,30hp,40hp. The unified design makes our tent air conditioner easy to operate and possible to be installed both outside and inside.

    In large-scale outdoor activities, more than 60% of the activities are held in grassland, sand, city square, etc. The requirements for air conditioning are not only simple cooling and heating. As a specially designed air conditioner for tents, the integrated design is not only more convenient and simple for transportation and installation, but also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is required to be used safely in any condition.

    Advantages of tent A/C:

    1. Seamless installation, perfect fit with the tent
    2. The ideal temperature control can be achieved in a short time
    3. Lower noise, suitable for official occasions
    4. Integrated design, one click Started
    5. High intelligent temperature automatic regulation system
    6. Sheet metal structure, more durable

    The tent air conditioner has a very significant effect on heating and cooling, it can achieve the ideal temperature effect in a short time. Also, it has a variety of safety protection measures such as overload protection, reverse phase loss protection, high/ low pressure protection of refrigeration system to ensure safe operation.

    According to the area of the tent, there are 5HP, 10HP, 30HP, and 40HP air conditioners available to choose. There are four air supply states: high, medium, low and automatic. At the same time, it has four functions of cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification, which can greatly improve the working and living environment.

    In order to ensure safety, Liri adopt the core components of the air conditioning units from well-known air conditioner manufacture brand, equipped fully enclosed scroll compressor and shock absorber. The indoor unit equipped with low-noise centrifugal fans, with remarkable air supply effect and low noise in operation. Each material enter the assembly line by strict inspection. Each A/C unit has undergone strict performance test before leaving the factory. The quality is strictly controlled to ensure the reliability of the machine.

    In order to meet different needs, tent A/C has indoor and outdoor installation methods. The common cumbersome process of connecting copper pipes and chilled water pipes on site is omitted. The tent A/C can work when just connected to the power supply, which is more convenient and fast to use. At the same time, the automatic control function by microcomputer is simple to operate and also energy-saving.

    There are also cabinet type electric heaters specially for harsh and cold weather conditions. Generally, air conditioners have certain requirements for outdoor temperature whether heating or cooling. The outdoor ambient temperature range for normal operation of ordinary air conditioners is generally 15 ~ 48℃. When the actual outdoor ambient temperature exceeds this effective temperature range, the effect of air conditioning will be very poor. So the advantages of the hot air heater appear, and cabinet type electric heater can operate normally even in a harsh temperature environment.

    This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL201520901555.3

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