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Liri Tent for 2018 Aranya Cup Master Grand Prix Video

As a professional and large tent supplier in China, Liri Tent provided a series of equestrian tents with as horse stables, VIP lounges and media center etc for Aranya Cup Master Grand Prix, which is said to be the world’s second-largest equestrian competition on a beach. There are various kinds of equestrian tents including high […]

Liri Tent Big Oktoberfest Beer Tents Video

As the exclusive tent supplier of 2018 Qingdao International Beer Festival, Liri Tent offered various beer tents for festival halls, security tents, lounges and changing room etc. Besides, we can offer movable toilets for the festivals. Enjoy your beer, enjoy your Oktoberfest and enjoy the performances in the tent halls. Let’s cheers again for the […]

Romantic Wedding Marquee Tent Video by Liri Tent

It is important to select a high quality wedding marquee tent for an outdoor wedding ceremony with features of waterproof, strong, durable and cost-effective. As a professional tent manufacturer around the world, Liri Tent keeps developing and provides various kinds of wedding tents to be set up on different geographical terrain. And we can offer […]

Modular Sports Venue of Liri Tent for Sporting Tents Video

More than 20 years, Liri Tent has developed various kinds of modular sports venues for football hall, tennis pavilion, basketball court, sailing regatta events, China Open tent hall, equestrian master, indoor riding arena, horse stable, gloves VIP lounge and boxing hall etc.

Various Dome Shade Structure Geodesic Dome Tents Video

Since the advent of the Geodesic dome tent, it has been popular all over the world, and many customers like to use the geodesic dome tent to attract the attention of the audience. The geodesic dome cover is made of high-strength steel pipe, with a minimum diameter of 2 meters and a maximum diameter of […]

Golf Lounge Halls in Golf Tournaments Video

As a professional and large sports event tent supplier in China, Liri Tent manufactures and sells various tents around the world. With rich experience, Liri Tent provided series of two-story tents for Puerto Rico Open-PGA Tour, Honda PGA in the US, European Tour-Nordea Masters, New Your Golf Course, KINGS Cup in Thailand, Macao CAESAR Golf […]

Liri Tent for Conference with Accessories Video

Recently, Liri Tent installed an outdoor tent for a conference with full accessories. Different from the traditional meeting halls, the conference hall is movable, recyclable, flexible and novel which is more economical. After the conference, the event tent can be used for outdoor events such as ceremonies, weddings, parties, exhibitions, and warehouse etc.

Liri Tent 20th Anniversary Review Video

Congratulations to Liri Tent Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd for 20 years old. Established in 1997, Liri Tent becomes a professional tent manufacturer with large production base in China and around the world. During the period of the 20th anniversary of Liri Tent, our construction team installed a party tent as the ceremony hall with luxury […]

Outdoor Large Football Stadium Sports Video

Focus on tent manufacture over 20 years, Liri Tent offers all-weather sports tents solutions such as soccer halls on Moon Island in Changsha. In this case, Liri Tent provided two sets of 45m * 65m soccer halls for seven people and a set of 45m * 50m soccer hall for five people. Besides, we installed […]

Outdoor Sailing Regatta Sports Event Tent Video

Fashionable Sports Event Tents & A Professional Tent Supplier As a professional international sport, 2017 China Cup International Regatta attracted lots visitors. In order to have a good experience, Liri Tent offered various professional, flexible and elegant sports event tents for competitors and visitors including double decker tents, Chinese hat marquees, and other regular tents.