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Large Trade Show Tent Video

Our tents are suitable for various events, such as trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and more. We also offer excellent customer service.

2023 Canton Fair Exhibition Tents Video

Liri Architecture Technology provided nearly 70,000 square meters of exhibition tents for the 134th Canton Fair recently and cooperated with Canton Fair for 22 years from 2001-2023.

Customized Wedding Tent Video

Discover the art of selecting the ideal tent size that perfectly complements your venue and accommodates your guest list.

Wedding Venue Tent Video

Explore our collection of stunning and versatile wedding tents that will transform any outdoor location into a magical setting.

20X50 Party Tent Video

From weddings and festivals to corporate gatherings, our tents provide the perfect combination of elegance, durability, and versatility.

Gazebo Canopy Tent Video

Our temporary outdoor event solutions are designed to create a captivating ambiance while ensuring the utmost comfort and functionality.

Sports Venues Solution Video

This video showcases the various applications of the Liri Sports Tent and provides in-depth information about its features and benefits.

Commercial Event Tipi Tent Video

The teepee glamping tent is available in a range of sizes to accommodate different event needs and can be customized with various accessories to enhance the experience.

Outdoor Wedding Tent Video

With our outdoor wedding tents, you can have an outdoor wedding that is comfortable, beautiful, and unforgettable.

Temporary Commercial Tent Video

Liri Tent Technology official supporter of the event which provides various types of temporary tents for different purposes.

Electric Push-and-Pull Roof Video

This innovative product allows you to easily protect your basketball court from rain, wind, and snow, so you can play no matter the weather.

Flower Market Tent Video

The Lodge Tent has a large terrace area, which can be used for leisure, temporary storage, sales, and other purposes, and can also be used for stalls in markets.

Air Show China 2022 Video

Airshow tents can be used for various purposes and are fast to install without damaging the surrounding environment.

Crystal Transparent Dome Tent Video

The Garden Dining Pod could catch most people’s eyes, whether it is used as a Dining room or a Dining area in the backyard, or a restaurant.

Glamping Tipi Tent Video

TIPI glamping tents can be traced back to the architectural style of the North American Indians in the last century.

Modular Sports Tent Video

Nowadays, our tents effectively solve the problem of time-consuming and long-term unused of traditional stadiums.