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Temporary Outdoor Exhibition Tents for CIFTIS Video

In this China International Service Trade Fair, as one of the outdoor venue suppliers, Liri’s prefabricated exhibition tents provided high-quality outdoor temporary venues for the CIFTIS. Great breakthroughs have been made in tent design and color printing, creating a large yellow-orange exhibition hall for the Trade Fair. Liri Tent provides customers with one-stop venue space […]

Modular Sports Venue Video

With rich experience in the field of prefabricated stadiums, Liri Tent has been providing customers with various temporary or semi-permanent stadiums for many years. According to customers’ actual venues and various needs, Liri Tent develops sports venue solutions tailored to local conditions to provide customers with high-quality sports tents. These large sports tents are mostly […]

How to Install Truss Structure Video

In this video, show you the newly developed truss structure of Liri Tent and tell you how to quickly install a large aluminum alloy truss tent. A truss structure is mostly necessary for a temporary stage, such as movie theaters, stage plays, outdoor activities, etc. Our truss tent can be quickly erected and installed, which […]

Indoor Badminton Court Tent Video

Have you ever wanted to do exercises but the plan was stranded due to weather or venue? Because of the restrictions of the building cost and site, indoor stadiums are rare in many places. Liri Tent devoted to creating the new movable space for sports career in many years, this polygon indoor badminton court is […]

Oktoberfest Event Tent Video

The 30th Qingdao International Beer Festival has ended successfully. This year’s Qingdao Beer Festival is as grand as ever, and the familiar canopy tents filled with the sounds of revelry. Inside the tent, there are several areas, such as private and quiet high-end rooms, preferred quality booths for banquets, and passionate and interactive lobby carnival, […]

60M Clear Span Tent for Basketball Court Video

A large tent with a clear span of 60 meters is a good choice for an indoor basketball court. This large basketball court is a polygon aluminum alloy canopy, and the canopy is partially transparent. In the tent, there are standard basketball courts, large stands, and wonderful lights. Different from traditional indoor basketball courts, clear […]

Multi-arch Polygonal Tent for Conference Video

This video shows you how a special conference venue was born and put into use, giving you an updated understanding of the event tent. This event is a seminar & conference on the development of the automotive industry. A large multi-arch polygonal tent was built on open space as an indoor meeting venue. This tent […]

Modular Glamping Box Introduce Video

In this video, we show you a series of modular box products, which are Liri Tent’s new tent products. The modular box has a high-end and fashion look, it is easy to catch people’s eyes. The modular boxes are available in various colors and sizes(2.3-12 meters). In terms of materials, Liri adopts the high-strength aluminum […]

Roll-up Catering Tent Operation Video

This video briefly demonstrates the convenient use of our roll-up catering tent. Roll-up Catering Tent can be used for outdoor sunshade and rain, food and beverage stalls, temporary activities, etc. The length of the tent can be expanded and contracted at any time according to actual needs, and it can also be customized to the […]

Hexagonal Modular Tents Introduce Video

Liri Tent’s modular tents come in a variety of forms, such as quadrangular and hexagonal. The top can be pointed or flat, and there are many sizes to choose from. It is flexibly to use this series of tent products in many positions. According to site requirements, multiple modular tents can be spliced together to […]

Liri Tent Hoisting Training Video

Recently, the engineering department of Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. conducted a 20m-60m tent lifting operation training to improve the working ability of workers and the efficiency of going out construction. How to install a 60m clear span aluminum frame tent quickly? Liri tent installation training video can tell you the answer. Let’s learn the […]

Party Tent Installation Instruction Video

How to install a Party Tent quickly? Liri Tent NPT Series Installation Video will guide you step by step to quickly install an aluminum clear span tent. Follow this video, you will find aluminum tent easy to install, short construction period, and easy to disassemble and transport. Liri NPT series tents have a clear span […]