Our aluminum tent is designed with clearspan structures, has an internal space, which is free of internal or external support bars. You can choose different shapes and sizes from 3 to 60m for weddings, parties or even warehousing. No matter what usage is, we always can meet your requirements.

Clearspan structures design also has characteristics for long-term use, normally described as temporary structure rather than simple tents, and they can use for long-term storage and commercial use. Unlike the permanently fixed structure, our Aluminum Tent does not need for basic preparation. It’s suitable for most ground surfaces such as concrete and grass, assembled in just a few days (depending on size).

Our aluminum tent adapts high strength extruded and anodized aluminum which is in the lightweight, corrosion resistant, attractive and durable. Closed frame design and double PVC-coated polyester textile, which is waterproof, cannot be affected easily by weather such as wind and rain. Furthermore, it adapts modular design, easy to dismantle and transport after using and can be changed to other locations for multiple installations. It can be increased the size or change the shape by additional components.

In addition to the aluminum tent, we also offer a wide range of tent accessories. Mainly including floor, lighting, tables and chairs, glass doors, solid walls and so on.