Glamping Tent

Nowadays, the tourism industry is on the rise, in order to attract more tourists, suppliers try to create unique hotels. The outdoor glamping Tent is the most popular one providing a different travel experience. Why is this special glamping tents so popular?

First of all, it is because of topography. Generally speaking, special environments such as mountains, seashores, and deserts are not easy to build concrete buildings, but also need to invest a lot of manpower and material. However, LIRI TENT has a unique structural shape, it is easy to solve the problem, which difficult to build in various natural environments. The overall structure of the glamping tent is simple and light can be quickly disassembled and assembled. The construction process has little damage to the surrounding natural environment. It can be re-used in other places. It is in line with the concept of green tourism construction. At the same time, we can also design a special glamping tent for different customers according to the local scenery style, so that the tent can be integrated with the natural environment. Our glamping tents can also be made of transparent PVC so that you can clearly see the outside scenery in the glamping tent. This design provides visitors with the best viewing and resting outdoors in the beautiful natural scenery.

The comfort of the accommodation is also an important indicator of tourism, but outdoor camping has always been a simple tent construction, which brings a bad rest experience. Nowadays the glamping tent can be a good solution to this problem, it has 100% of space. This spacious space allows you to arrange a variety of accommodations so that guests can rest comfortably after playing. The sleeping quality for tourists is guaranteed. The frame is made of aluminum. The structure is corrosion-resistant and strong. The PVC is resistant to wind, waterproof, combustion, and ventilation, ensuring that it won’t be impacted by various weather conditions.

Compared to traditional concrete hotels, glamping tents have a relatively low cost, do not require complex building approval processes, and do not require large installation equipment. The entire hotel can be completed in a short time. In addition, the glamping tent can be made in various shapes such as spherical, A shape, polygon, etc. Its unique shape and high-quality accommodation attract a large number of visitors. It can be seen that the return from the glamping tents is also very significant.