Crystal Dome House

Crystal Dome House has sizes 2m-6m with different specifications to choose from and can be combined with each other.

  1. General Details

    The Crystal Dome House is composed of modular splicing, which adopts 5MM German Bayer PC boards. The non-toxic and harmless materials could meet the application of different scenes. The color of the aluminum frame can be selected from dark gray, light gray, and wood color, which is very fashionable.

    Crystal Dome House has sizes 2m-6m with different specifications to choose from and can be combined with each other. The two design shapes of circle and waist circle are suitable for different scenes and are very futuristic. In terms of details, Crystal Dome House is also unambiguous. The shape of the revolving sliding door shaped looks like a space capsule, the liftable sky window, and the fresh air ventilation system are designed to highlight the avant-garde feel.

    Dome Sunroom

    To build a dome Sunroom in the yard seems to open up another way of life. The metallic dark gray frame and the light-colored sofa, table, and chair create a sense of quiet. Closing the curtains is another sense of security. The removable sun curtain can protect you from the scorching sun, while the internal air conditioning system provides the most comfortable temperature, even when outdoors.

    Garden Dining Pod

    The transparent design and minimalist color provide a sense of luxury in themselves. Be placed outdoors, the Garden Dining Pod could catch most people’s eye, whether it is used as a Dining room or a Dining area in the backyard, it is a different experience. When night falls, with the warm yellow LED lights inside, the unique spherical shape makes it like a maverick star, emitting its own light.

    Car Showroom

    You can also use Crystal Dome House as an outdoor Car Showroom. Its transparent design can fully show the appearance of the car under the premise of protecting the vehicle from wind and rain. Even if you park outdoors, you don’t need to worry about the damage caused by the thunderstorm or scratches, and the Cristal Dome’s wide-open doors make it easy to get in and out.

    Hot Tub Dome Enclosure

    Crystal Dome is the perfect choice to be used as an outdoor enclosure Spa Dome, however, the liftable sky window design and fresh air ventilation system ensure indoor air circulation. The stylish white frame is less cold and hard, and a hot tub can be placed inside so that you can enjoy the SPA outdoors with quiet and warmth.

    Crystal Dome Glamping

    The outdoor luxury glamping design of 360° transparent windows makes us closer to nature. With the ultimate visual experience, it seems like we are in the middle of the mountains and rivers, and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind, to return to a simple lifestyle. Close the curtains at night, you could isolate everything from your world, and enjoy your private space and sleep with nature.

    Crystal Dome House has fulfilled everyone’s expectations, no matter the Sunroom, swimming pool, Garden Dining Pod, enclosure Spa Dome, its applicable scope is so wide that over our imagination, and the installation cost is low, the construction period is short.

    1. Iyabode Aremola 2021-09-10 at 21:12 Reply

      Please I will like to purchase some party marquee for 200, 500,1000 guests for rentals service. Kindly let me know the cost. Thanks

    2. Nikhil Patel 2023-02-06 at 22:33 Reply

      Hi, can you please send details of small size with dimensions and cost. Thanks

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