Party Tents

Nowadays, many people are keen to hold Party activities outdoors. For individuals or companies, whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary or to hold a business party, an interesting party activity is indispensable. Holding a party in the fresh air and spacious space will bring people a lot of fun.

Many people have experienced outdoor parties. The environment integrated with nature is one of the reasons why many people choose outdoor activities. But outdoor activities are often accompanied by many uncertain factors. Among them, the unpredictable weather will often become the biggest resistance, so that the outdoor party maybe collapse. But it doesn’t matter, if you choose to use the party tent as your outdoor venue, build a unique outdoor temporary space. This can not only avoid missing important moments due to the weather, but also make the guests feel elegant and comfortable in outdoor activities.

The party tent products developed by Liri can provide solutions for various types of outdoor activities. You can customize the size of the party tent according to the number of people and functional requirements. It has unlimited advantages over the ground. You can build it on any piece of ground, including the concrete floor of the square, the lawn of the park, the backyard, and even the beach. The party tents adopt a modular structure design, you can quickly complete the installation and dismantling. There is no support column inside the tent, so the internal space of the clear span leaves flexible spaces for activity planning. You can use lighting, lining decorations, dance floor, stage, and other equipment inside the tent to make the party tent play its role better.

Party Tent Styles

Small Party Tent

The small party tent is specially designed for small party activities. The tent offers spacious space without the need for ropes or poles for fixation. Aluminum alloy frames and PVC fabric are designed to resist the influence of adverse weather. Perfect for backyard parties, weddings, company events, etc.

Party Dome Tent

Party dome tent can take your outdoor activities to a new level. This unique dome structure is different from the traditional party tent, it can provide comfortable and spacious space for guests. We also offer white, partially transparent or fully transparent tent cover designs, and customize the different sizes passageway, doors and windows and floor systems.

Gazebo Party Tent

The gazebo party tent is suitable for extra space for large party activities, such as the reception area and dining area. It has few accessories and parts and can be installed quickly and easily. The tent roof is made of high-quality PVC coated fabric with 100% water resistance, which is very suitable for outdoor use.

Clear Party Tent

The difference between clear party tents and regular party tents is the transparent PVC covers. Clear party tents allow natural light to enter, providing a sense of boundlessness. It is suitable to use at night and can be better integrated with the light to create a dreamy feeling.

In addition to the above common party tent types, we can also customize the appearance. For example, you can change the conventional white color PVC covers to black, or other colors, transparent and other different fabric designs. The sidewalls, curtains, windows can be chosen to match. If it’s a company event, you can also customize the spray painting brand pattern on the tent. These are the advantages of our modular party tent. In addition to tents, all kinds of lighting decoration, stage, and flooring are also indispensable. Especially in the evening night, with the lighting decoration, instantly enhance the atmosphere of the whole party.

Various Designs

Choose Liri party tent and say goodbye to the monotonous and boring mode. As a professional party tent manufacturer, we focus on product development and innovation. We can provide a variety of shapes and specifications of tent products, clear span from 3 meters to 80 meters, to meet the different needs and preferences of tent parties that are planning or event rental companies.

UV and Water Resistant

Tent covering is one of the important materials. In order to ensure the safe use of party tents for a long time, we jointly developed with upstream manufacturers to apply PVDF and anti imbibition technology of base cloth to traditional PVC fabric. It not only has good waterproof performance but also has anti-mildew, anti UV, flame retardant, and other effects.

Without Any Poles

Our party tent is all designed with clear span aluminum tent structures. The high-strength aluminum alloy frames provide strong load capacity. The tent can work without any internal middle support rod or external fixed rope. It provides a larger and more flexible interior space, and various accessories can be installed in the tent.

Modular Design

Liri’s party tent is under the new modular design which can be quickly built and dismantled in a short time, and space can be expanded quickly. Compared with the traditional building, it greatly saves the cost and shortens the construction period. Due to the convenience of modular structure design, the party tent has both appearance and function and can achieve super large clear spans.

Aluminum Frame Structure

6082-T6 / 6061-T6 aluminum alloy profile is mostly used for the frames of our party tent, and the surface hardness can reach 15HW. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high strength, and high durability. In addition, aluminum alloy material is very light, nearly 30% lighter than steel, more convenient for transportation and installation.

Custom Design

All the structures and accessories are designed and manufactured separately, including the specification and size of the whole tent, the material and the color of the PVC fabric, and the sidewall options. You can also customize the printed logo and graphics, and customize the appearance and design of the tent according to the theme of the party.

If you are planning a party, confirm the number of people and choose your favorite address, you can contact us to customize the party tent. We offer a global range of services, including a full range of accessories, transportation and installation instructions. In addition for personal use, we also serve event planning companies and tent rental companies. Our professional products and services can provide better outdoor temporary space solutions for your activities.

Type of Party

Backyard Party

If you plan to hold a party in the backyard, then using our small party tent will fully meet your needs. Our party tent has a spacious interior with excellent stability and strength. You can quickly turn the backyard space into a beautiful outdoor ballroom in a few hours. In addition to the beautiful party tents, we also provide tables, chairs, lighting, and other equipment for purchase.

Wedding Party

Nowadays, many people like to move their weddings to outdoor scenes. The outdoor weather is unpredictable, and the party tent can provide a comfortable place for guests to ensure that all guests and the whole wedding will not be caught in the rain. This completely solves the problem of weather uncertainty. In addition, the party tent has no requirements on the ground. You can set up a tent where you like to hold a wedding party.

Graduation Party

A graduation party is a farewell ceremony for graduates. On this special day, you can also choose to build a party tent. Holding graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony and graduation party in a party tent. It is also very different to have an unforgettable day. Our party tent can be built on the school football field or the central square, which can solve the trouble of finding the field.

Birthday Party

Party tent is also suitable for birthday parties and can provide shelter for guests. You can customize the tent space according to your own preference. For example, install some lining on the rooftop, and do not use any sidewalls to make the space more transparent. Some dessert tables are placed inside, and flowers, balloons, and lights are carefully arranged. Finally, the tent with some color, the party atmosphere comes out.

White Party Tent With Sidewalls

This grand ceremony was arranged by ourselves from the beginning to the end, and we used our own product to set up a white party tent with sidewalls.

Large Party Tent for Sale

2000 People event banquet marquee, 50m clear span 8m customized side height event tent was adopted, which provides a spacious flexible space.

Clear Top Tent for Outdoor Party Venue

Get rid of the traditional form of outdoor party, buy or rent a party tent and enjoy the party under the clear top party tent.

Gazebo Canopy Party Tents for Sale

The covers of gazebo canopy party tents are white PVC fabric with 90% UV resistance.The pictures above show our gazebo canopy party tents used in Europe.

25×20 Clear Span Tent for Outdoor Party

The white party marquee tent of Liri Tent is designed with a very strong frame, and the wind loading can be 100km/h.

10×30 Party Tents With Lining Decorations

With its varied and flexible design, party tent of Liri Tent are able to create the special and fashionable atmosphere for your outdoor events.

30 x 60 Large White Party Tents

Are you looking for a big outdoor space for the open ceremony? Our large party tents would be a nice choice.

Two Story Party Tent for Outdoor Live Show

Two stories outdoor party tent on sale for the outdoor live show is a revolutionary breakthrough of the regular tent, which allows 200% usage of the ground.

Outdoor Gazebo Marquee Party Tents With Decorations

If you want an excellent new beginning with outdoor white gazebo marquee party tents with lining decorations, Liri Tent is the best choice for you now.

10 × 20 Outdoor Party Tent for Sale

10x20 and 20x20 party tents are two of the most popular sizes for the outdoor party, which can take about 200 and 400 guests in banquet seating.

10×30 White Party Tent With Clear Windows

10x30 m party tent with clear windows and sidewalls, which can accommodate 200 guests with tables and chairs, is a wonderful choice for the outdoor parties.

Geodesic Party Dome Tent for Sale

Seating in the geodesic party tent, when raising your head, you can enjoy the bright sunshine of the day and beautiful moonlight at night.

20×40 Clear Party Tents For Sale

The pictures are the 20X40 clear frame party tents, which offers 800sqm, is popularly used for 600 people capacity with banquet tables and chairs.

10 x 20 Party Tent for Sale

Liri 10x20m party tent for sale. High peak tent is an eye-catching structure of its bell-shaped roofline, and it can be used for all kinds of parties.

Luxury Party Tents for Sale

We can provide you various kinds of luxury party tents, and our tent is high quality and trustworthy.

Large Double Decker Tent for Outdoor Party

Liri large tent with glass system is on sale. It is widely used for sports events, party, and outdoor events. Large double-decker tent from Liri can be tailored according to specific requirements

Clear Top Canopy Party Tent With Luxury Decorations​

Our party tent adopts clear PVC-coated fabric for the roof cover and sidewall, this kind of clear top tent can create a special atmosphere for us.

Round Party Tent for Sale

We can tailor polygonal party tent according to different applications and occasions and customer's specific needs. Liri party tent for sale now.

Clear Party Event Tent Rental at Music Party

With an outdoor event tent provided by Liri Tent, the music party was held smoothly in the rainy day.

25m Clear Party Event Tent

Clear top event tent can provide a high-end party for you and show the infinite originality of the party.

20X50 Party Tent Video

From weddings and festivals to corporate gatherings, our tents provide the perfect combination of elegance, durability, and versatility.

Party Tent Installation Instruction Video

How to install a Party Tent quickly? Liri Tent NPT Series Installation Video will guide you step by step to quickly install an aluminum clear span tent. Follow this video, you will find aluminum tent easy to install, short construction period, and easy to disassemble and transport. Liri NPT series tents have a clear span […]

Installation Video of Dome Tent for Wedding Party Tent & Event Tents

Dome tent,Arch tent,Arcum tent for wedding party tent & Event tents for 500,1000, 5000people. The Arcum Tent is composed of a high reinforced aluminum frame and PVC covers. Arcum tent is based on the “A” frame clear span tent design and reasonably absorbs the Chinese traditional architectural design elements. We pre-press the aluminum roof-beams so […]

Party Tent Accessories

Party Tent Flooring
Party Tent Flooring

We strongly recommend the use of flooring, as it can separate the ground, better layout of the site to give the indoor feeling, but also to protect the indoor furniture and facilities such as tables, chairs, benches. Usually in outdoor activities, the ground is uneven, with the flooring, also can make the indoor space more clean and tidy, convenient to do the floor cleaning work. The use of wood flooring provides a safer and more friendly space for those who wear formal dresses and high heels. Of course, not all the activities need flooring. If it’s a leisure activity such as a picnic, you don’t need to use flooring. The outdoor lawn is the best choice.


It’s a good idea to add some lighting in the party tents because most of the event parties are likely to be held in the evening. Different colors of lighting can create different artistic conceptions, which can be designed by a professional lighting engineer for your party activities. Lighting can improve the atmosphere of the space. The conventional party tents are all with white color PVC covers, and different light projections can reflect different effects. If you choose transparent PVC covers, you need various kinds of lighting to decorate it. And you can feel like a party with some simple lights. Even if it’s a party in the daytime, if it’s cloudy and rainy, the natural light is bad. If there is some lighting in the party tent, you will be very grateful for your preparation in advance.

Air Conditioner
Air conditioner / Heater

If you want to improve the comfort of the party tent, it is recommended that you install air conditioners or a heating machine. In summer, the outdoor weather is hot. The air conditioner is an important tool to ensure the comfort of the tent. If it is a small venue, you can also use fans or household vertical air conditioning. On the contrary, in the cold winter, you also need air conditioners or a heating machine to make the tent warm. In short, ensuring that the venue has the appropriate temperature, can ensure the comfort of the party tent.

Tables and Chairs
Tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are the most basic necessities in the party tent because no matter what type of party tent, you have to provide comfortable seats and tables for guests. Moreover, holding a party is always inseparable from dining. We can provide different types of tables and chairs for different party types.

Frequently Asked Questions for Party Tents

  1. 1
    What size party tent do I need?

    We provide clear span 3-80m party tents, which can accommodate 30 to 3000 people capacity. Generally speaking, the size of a party tent depends on the number of people you are engaged in and the functions you need. For example, a regular party can be calculated according to 1.5-1.8 square meters occupied by one person, and the area occupied by the stage, dance floor, and other areas can roughly confirm the size of the party tent needed.

  2. 2
    Can I rent a tent for a party?

    Our party tent can be rented, but if it’s not a big size tent, we suggest you buy one. Our tent can be disassembled and used many times. In addition, the transportation cost involved in renting party tents is also an expense. In the long run, it’s more cost-effective to buy it.

  3. 3
    How to setup a party tent?

    Different sizes of party tents are installed in different ways. For the party tent we sell, there will be complete installation instructions. In addition, our YouTube channel also provides video guidance for tent installation.

  4. 4
    How much wind can a party tent withstand?

    Our party tent can withstand a maximum wind speed of 80 km / h. However, in order to ensure safety, before the gale comes, it is necessary to tension all the PVC sidewalls by the downside bars, and tighten the rope buckle between every two pairs of sidewalls, so that the whole tent can form a completely closed space, and the wind is not allowed to enter. In case of strong wind over 80 km / h, it is recommended to remove the tent if necessary.

  5. 5
    What is the difference between Aluminum Party Tent, steel party tent and PVC party?

    The mainframe of our party tent product is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with strong overall structural stability. Compared with steel party tent and PVC party, it has higher strength and will not rust. At the same time, aluminum alloy is lighter than steel, saving money on transportation.

  6. 6
    How to keep a party tent cool or warm?

    Generally speaking, the need for thermal insulation in winter can be configured with soft PVC sidewalls or glass walls. Similarly, in summer, the PVC sidewalls can be opened to let the natural wind flow into the tent. We provide the whole solution of outdoor party tent, including air conditioners and fuel heater. When you buy our party tent, you can also buy our specialized design air conditioner and heater.