Industrial Tents

Liri industrial tent as an advanced temporary storage room with flexibility on transportation installation, modify and dismantle. It can create new temporary space and save time. It seems like a perfect solution to make everything runs flexible and manageable.

Currently, the industrial tent frame adopts aluminum alloy tent structures and the roof cover adopts double-side PVC-coated polyester textile. Industrial tents meet flame retardant standards. Moreover, it can provide a comprehensive system. You can choose such as steel wall, sandwich wall, PVC fabric, single door, rolling door, air-conditions, push-pull glass windows and so on.

Grain Storage Building

The interior of grain storage building adopts the large space structure design without center pillars.

Large Storage Tent

Large storage tent is widely used in all kinds of industries for raw material warehousing logistics, production, and outdoor temporary working space etc.

Large Industrial Tents

Liri offers clear span 30-60m large industrial tents, it can be used for various sizes for various commercial and industrial storages.

Steel Structure Tent Used For Storage

Steel structure storage tents can be used for reusable temporary or semi-permanent buildings, and it is easy to installing and dismantled.

Temporary Workshop Tent

Liri tents research and develops a new steel structural industrial tent after implementing eco-friendly movable industrial tent house.

Aluminum Storage Tent for Sale

Aluminum alloy storage tent can be used as the temporary or long-term warehouse, and it is also applicable to special engineering project construction.

Coca-Cola Temporary Warehouse Tent

Liri Tent provides temporary warehouse tents for the Coca-Cola Company and solves their storage needs in both peak and slack season.

Temporary Storage Warehouse Marquee Tent

LIRI industrial tent used as warehouse is a good solution to the surge demand for storage in peak shopping season like "Black Friday".

Storage Warehouse Tent in The Industrial Park​

Liri warehouse tent is high quality, and easy to be installed and dismantled which is the best solution for the logistics company.

20m x 40m Clear Span Temporary Warehouse Tent​

The new thermal insulation roof warehousing tent is the latest warehouse tent series from Liri Tent. Besides the performance of the original warehouse tent.