Taking the Time Machine to Look for the Liri Tent’s Growing.

Quickly, the time in 2018 is running low. I wonder how many goals have been completed at the beginning of the year. For Liri, 2018 is a year of both fulfilling and challenging. Looking back at the footprints that Liri has grown up, and detailing the challenges that Liri has finished this year. Keyword No. […]

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Liri Tents for China Open 2018 Video

As a professional and experienced marquee tent manufacturer, Liri Tent offered a series of marquee tents for China Open 2018, including modular dome tents, modular pyramid tents, cube structure tents, dome tents and double decker tents for fans shop, VIP lounge, restaurant, ticketing centers, and offices etc. For more than 20 years, Liri Tent has […]

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Clear Top tents, Double Decker Tents for 2018 Longines Beijing Masters Video

The equestrian events tents provided by the Liri Tent which sets up more than 7,000 square meters of equestrian tents for the event, respectively used for Jockey lounge (stables tents), horse racing room, equestrian athletes lounge, VIP visitors lounge, locker equestrian athletes, referees lounge, equestrian supplies storage rooms and other purposes. Finally, whether you need […]

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Great Wall Station Equestrian Tents Provided by Liri Tent Video

2018 Longines China Equestrian Tour was held at the Juyong Pass of Great Wall Station in Beijing. As an official partner, Liri Tent has provided around 5,000sqm modular equestrian tents, which used as VIP sections, public stands, referee section, showroom, and stable area. The highlight of the event is its venue, Juyong Pass Station is […]

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Adjustable Ringlock Scaffolding System on the Uneven Grounds Video

To install a marquee tent on an uneven ground, it is better to set up an adjustable ringlock scaffolding system first. This scaffolding can be used on various kinds of grounds or complicated terrain. We have two kinds of ringlock scaffolding system including the simple one and one with lattice beams. According to the ground […]

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Temporary and Flexible Tennis Tent Hall Video

To meet the needs of tennis players playing tennis at the different time, Liri Tennis Canopy Tent can be equipped with glass walls, strong fabric to stand heavy snow, lighting, and big volume air conditioners. Therefore, tennis lovers can be enjoying playing tennis from day to night in four seasons all the year round. The […]

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Graduation Ceremony in the Ceremony Tent Video

July is the month for graduation, many universities will hold ceremonies for this. Among them, One college celebrated it in a special way. They held the ceremony in a 40x60m large event tent for the graduation ceremony on the outside playground. The tent was a unique place for parties for all graduates. The front side […]

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2018 Beijing International Equestrian Masters Competition is closed successfully

The 8th Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters Competition was successfully completed in the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) last week. This is the fourth time that Liri Tent has provided temporary space solutions in the Bird’s Nest. It’s more than 7,000 square meters including a VIP dining area, auditorium area, news media area, preparation area, surrounding […]

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Warmly welcome the Air Show China, Liri Love Zhuhai, and Increase the Brilliance for It.

Liri Tent is awarded the title of “The 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibitions Tent Construction Special Service Provider”. On the afternoon of September 28, 2018, the signing ceremony and awarding ceremony of the 12th China International Aerospace Exhibition Special Service Provider was officially held in Zhuhai. Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology CO., LTD was […]

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