Liri Tent And 124th Canton Fair

LIRI TENT has been as Canton Fair tent supplier since 2001. This year, we continue to build 70,000sqm outdoor exhibition tents for Canton Fair. The exhibition tents provided by Liri Tent can protect from the wind and rain and can be provided by the accreditation center, aisles, temporary exhibition hall, security check, catering etc. LIRI […]

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Liri Tent for 2018 Aranya Cup Master Grand Prix Video

As a professional and large tent supplier in China, Liri Tent provided a series of equestrian tents with as horse stables, VIP lounges and media center etc for Aranya Cup Master Grand Prix, which is said to be the world’s second-largest equestrian competition on a beach. There are various kinds of equestrian tents including high […]

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Liri Tent Big Oktoberfest Beer Tents Video

As the exclusive tent supplier of 2018 Qingdao International Beer Festival, Liri Tent offered various beer tents for festival halls, security tents, lounges and changing room etc. Besides, we can offer movable toilets for the festivals. Enjoy your beer, enjoy your Oktoberfest and enjoy the performances in the tent halls. Let’s cheers again for the […]

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The Fire Drills and Training of Liri Tent

Last week, the fire drills and training had hold successfully by Human Resource Department. It was aimed at the whole company. Through fire-fighting knowledge explanation, case analysis and skill exercises, which allows all the employees have a certain knowledge of fire-fighting and escape skills, improving the security awareness to ensure the safety of life and […]

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Romantic Wedding Marquee Tent Video by Liri Tent

It is important to select a high quality wedding marquee tent for an outdoor wedding ceremony with features of waterproof, strong, durable and cost-effective. As a professional tent manufacturer around the world, Liri Tent keeps developing and provides various kinds of wedding tents to be set up on different geographical terrain. And we can offer […]

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annual tour for Liri employees

The once-awaited annual Liri employee trip started once again! !! The tourism destination arranged by the company is Zhaoqing, and the biggest feature of this trip is “slow”. The time from schedule arrangement to travel project participation was loose, we were wandering leisurely, feeling so casual everywhere. The trip made us so joyful, many children […]

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