Covered Sports Court

Depending on the size of the field, you can use covered sports courts to build sports fields of different sizes. It can make better use of the idle space in the city, including tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, badminton halls, martial arts museums, etc. What’s more, they are green, repeatable, removable, fast, and so on. The cost of sports event tents is lower than traditional concrete buildings. It encourages people to exercise more and more.

The covered sports court is by far the most potential temporary sports building. It can make full use of the city’s space, and build various temporary buildings through the rapid assembly of aluminum alloy and PVC tarpaulin. Construct different types of sports venue spaces and temporary event buildings.

Modular Sports Arena

Modular sports arena tent is the most flexible big tent structure, it has infinite possibilities, the span from 10 meters to 60 meters.

Large Tents for Basketball Courts

And more and more Large Tents for Basketball Courts have been set up and used in recent years.

60m x 100m Indoor Basketball Court

In the 60m x 100m indoor basketball court, wonderful dun ks from time to time, more than 3000 seats in grandstand are full filled this time.

Football Stadium Sports Tent

LIRI TENT works together with the State Sports Bureau to build 3 sets of stadium sports tents as a large-scale youth football training base.

Temporary Sports Halls

Liri Tent can offer sports event tents for basketball hall, badminton stadium, volleyball stadium, swimming pool, football court and so on.

Removable Stadium Structure Tent

Removable sports event tent can be flexibly assembled and removed according to the usage requirements such as outdoor tennis hall.

Skating Rink Tent

Sports event tent for skating rink as a removable stadium, not only for ball games but also can be used for skating rink field.

Pool Tent Cover for Swimming Pool Shades

Compared to the same period of time in terms of construction work, it cost less time to set up a sports event tent for swimming pool.

Basketball Court Cover Tent for Sports Stadium

Our basketball court cover sports tent is very easy to transport and install on the site without any special requirement.

Sports Tent For Badminton Court

Liri Tent applies special width and length as well as different height to tailor multi-function sports tent for badminton court.

Sports Tent for Tennis Court Cover Roof

Movable indoor sports event tent for tennis court use the high pressed aluminum frame, which is economical, flexible, safe and environmental protection.