Black Tent

As a temporary outdoor space, the Black tent has been widely used in outdoor activities such as due to its design concept and novel structure.

  1. General Details

    As a temporary outdoor space, thanks to its design concept and novel structure. You can use black tents for exhibitions, ceremonies, and banquets. The entire structure adopts 6 series T6 aluminum alloy profiles to solve the problem of easy rusting. The aluminum materials used include black hardware accessories. The use of baking paint technology, corrosion resistance, and durability are very good. The span from 10 meters to 80 meters. In the design of the black tent is more diverse: herringbone, polygon, gas flat top.

    Black canopy tent Architectural overview and advantages

    1. We use scaffolding platform systems to solve installation problems due to surface irregularities.
    2. Black aluminum frame adopts the technology of powder coating to ensure long-term beautiful appearance and practicality
    3. The black tent Is with full transparent glass wall around, waterproof transparent PVC roof cover, which will be good lighting and 360°large area without a blind spot.
    4. Cassette wooden floor system to ensure the ground level and comfort.

    We can design custom black tents for our customers. The entire structure is made of the aluminum alloy frame. It solves the problem of rusting in the local environment, and all the aluminum materials including the hardware accessories made in black powder coating, which is better for the corrosion resistance and durability and can be last for more than 20 years without fading. For the appearance design, we use a variety of structural designs to construct the structure.

    No special requirements for the construction site

    The black tent does not need to support pillars inside, in any open space, such as grass, asphalt, cement can be built. And the new black tent building has the characteristics of heat insulation, wind resistance, rain protection, flexible disassembly, light storage and transportation, and so on.

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