Modular Box S Series

  1. General Details

    A fashionable outdoor multi-functional glamping box has been launched. It is a luxury hotel room for outdoor temporary accommodation. It has a comfortable and safe sleeping environment the same as a deluxe single room, can be matched with a single bed, bathroom, table, hot and cold air conditioning, etc. For this purpose, there are sliding doors available.

    Clear-span width2.2m4m
    Eave height2.3m2.5m
    Bay distance2.5m2.5m
    Longest component2.5m4m
    Bay distance2.5m2.5m
    Main profile68x46x2mm68x46x2mm

    Efficient installation

    The pop-up hotel room has a size of the size of 2.3m to 12m. It is highly efficient for the installation without any mechanical assistance. You can fold and carry after being disassembly. Moreover, in order to the multifunctional using of the interior space. you can connect with multiple glamping boxes to make it more practical. Widely used in hotels, shops, mobile offices, accommodation, and so on.

    Rugged and Stable Structure

    The glamping box is a rugged and stable structure. It provides a longer lifespan for waterproof, wind, and UV protection. The external use of double PVC Fabric or inflatable tent cover and soundproof design, while ensuring the indoor and outdoor air circulation, the design of breathable window on the tarpaulin to ensure that the guests sleep quality, and there are many kinds of tarpaulin colors makes the entire tent more personalized.

    This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL201521107672.9,ZL201920591123.5,ZL201930198116.4

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