Double Storey Modular Box

Clear-span width10m
Side height(1st floor)3m
Eave height6m
Bay distance2.5m
Longest component10.04m
Bay distance5m
Main profile200x100x4mm

In a certain concept, ‘box’ is synonymous with a small box, secretive and mysterious. In the development history of temporary building, Modular Box products have hit home and abroad. From the development of outdoor capsule hotels to the present, it is no longer a living place with only 8 square meters, continuous upgrading and design make it available in temporary shops, exhibition halls, luxury camping, and other aspects which have shown its unique charm.

The Double Storey Modular Box, which evolved from Modular Glamping Box, inherits the modular structure of rapid disassembly and has the advantages of a variety of colors, materials, and free splicing. It looks like a huge window, and the appearance looks stylish and simple, no matter what colors can give people different visual effects.

Although the Double Storey Modular Box is a three-dimensional rectangle, the rounded corner design makes it less rigid. Even large areas of tempered glass and aluminum profiles will not appear cold and hard but have a special sense of art and minimalism style.

Our design team continues to innovate, and the 10-meter Double Storey Modular Box has a wider application range. The large area of transparent windows not only expands the sense of space but also makes the whole building appear translucent and stunning. Indoor wall posters can be seen clearly from a distance through the glass wall. Whether it is a decorative poster or a brand promotion poster, this is a great advertising space that people who come and go will notice its existence at first glance.

The first floor of Double Storey Modular Box serves as a reception area or a meeting room. Tables and chairs are arranged inside for people to have a simple rest and a short chat. The second floor is divided into an internal space and an external balcony, which is more suitable for enjoying the scenery, order a dessert and a drink, then you can sit for a whole day.

This product has obtained the national patent, patent number: 202222787833.X

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