Ladybug Dome Glamping

The shape of this product continues the Oval Dome Glamping Tent net shell structure.

  1. General Details

    With the popularity of family parent-child travel, we designed and developed this Ladybug Dome Glamping Tent which is based on the experience of children, and the shape and color matching are full of innocence. It moves the warm home to nature, where the family can spend a perfect day here.

    The shape of this product continues the Oval Dome Glamping Tent net shell structure. On this basis, we added a floating eaves design, which is equivalent to having an open leisure balcony. Together with the extended bleachers, the view is very wide and children’s slides and swings can be placed, which becomes a mini outdoor children’s playground. The tent has become a common activity space for adults and children, and the spacious balcony can also be equipped with barbecue grills for family dinners.

    The interior space design and decoration of the tent incorporate the concept of the children’s playground, with elements like bunk beds, small tents, and toy dolls that children like. Each scene in the tent is carefully matched by the designers. The rest area and play area are reasonably arranged, creating a fairy-tale parent-child paradise atmosphere. The overall color scheme is also brisk and bright. The colors and patterns of all our tent series can be customized. If you want to create a lively parent-child atmosphere, these colors and patterns are very important. Think about it if it is a row of colorful ladybug-shaped tents, the scene is also quite spectacular.

    This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL202030268180.8

    Ladybug Dome Glamping Floor Plan

    Ladybug Dome Glamping

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