Glamping Safari Tent

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    Luxury Glamping Safari Tent

    In recent years, it has become a normal life for many people to experience the scenery and culture of different places through tourism. Just like a sentence: Life is not only comopromise at present but also heart for poems and look into the distance. We should better enjoy the rest time of the journey. The new type of glamping safari tent from the Liri Tent will be an outdoor five-star hotel.

    Create a pleasant holiday atmosphere

    The combination of glamping safari tent and the surrounding scenery allows you to see the magnificent scenery which is rare to see in the city. Sitting on a lounge chair, enjoying delicious afternoon tea and juice, and relaxing with your family or partner, while when the night falls, you can enjoy the outdoor night view through the design of the glass wall even if you are lying in bed. Of course, in addition to the comfortable accommodation, entertainment facilities like barbecue and others can place near the hotel tent. Through a whole days, you can sinking in a comfortable and free environment.

    Can be built in any natural environment

    In additionally, due to it’s the excellent performance and quality accommodations of glamping safari tent, traditional hotels cann’t compare with it. We all knew that it is not easy to build fixed hotel buildings in some special terrain of some wild, but for glamping safari tent, because of its modular structure design, the requirements for building terrain are very low, most natural environments can be easily handled. And glamping safari tent is a kind of temporary building, which is convenient, quick assembled and disassembled, make up for the immovability of the main building, can reduces operating costs of hotels.

    Safety and comfort

    The quality of the accommodation is largely determined by whether it can provide a comfortable rest experience for visitors. This is also the issue that glamping safari tent has been concerned with since its in conception. Like an outdoor villa in you imagine, glamping safari tent, made of aluminum alloy frame, has strong wind and snow resistance, double-layer PVC fire retardant tarpaulin of the top cloth is also resistant to wind and rain, guarantees it will not be affected by various weathers during camping, and it is very safe! At the same time, in the spacious interior, you can arrange a variety of accommodation accessories, such as furniture, bathroom, air conditioning, etc., so that visitors can experience five-star treatment in the glamping safari tent, like the feeling of living in a luxury villa.

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    1. Lonnie Hallinger 2018-12-29 at 13:41 Reply

      I just added this site to my feed reader, great stuff. Can’t get enough!

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