Modular Box B Series

  1. General Details
    Clear-span width6m8m10m12m8m10m12m
    Eave height3m3m3m3m6m6m6m
    Bay distance2.5m2.5m2.5m2.5m2.5m2.5m2.5m
    Longest component6.04m8.04m10.04m12.04m8.04m10.04m12.04m
    Bay distance2.5m2.5m2.5m2.5m5m5m5m
    Main profile200x100x4mm200x100x4mm200x100x4mm200x100x4mm200x100x4mm200x100x4mm200x100x4mm

    Nowadays temporary constructions are flourishing. Our patented Capsule Box has attracted great attention since launched. With the modern and simple appearance, Capsule Box is made of double-layer fabric with air inflation, looking like a magical box. What can this cool-looking Capsule Box be used for?

    At the earliest, the first generation of Glamping Box is for basic outdoor accommodation. After launching, it is developed with more creative ideas like space, wall, color, etc. Luxury Pop Up Hotel is the upgraded generation that is designed as two sides clear wall. It is well lighted by this design and makes the space bright and large. Therefore, this product can also be used for business function with this advantage such as a retail store, coffee shop, bookstore, and outdoor showroom. To display products or have an exhibition should be needed with a large space.

    The width of our Capsule Box is from 2.3m to 12m. The side height of it is 6m. It can be set up solely or connected with more.

    Many companies want to build a showroom with a special shape in order to display the products. Indeed, a good structure shows the brand culture impressively. What’s more, it can also promote the identity of the brand. Luxury Capsule Box can do it. Owing to the modular design, it can be set up like building block, set up connect with more or set up based on your need. Shape, color, advertisement, the wall can be customized. You can change the color or the material. The wall or the fabric is stylish when with the brand culture elements.

    Traditional construction for the showroom is fixed and it has a lot of limitations. While Luxury Capsule Box can be set up anywhere. It inspires merchants to promote their brands. Please don’t hesitate to create your own space with the advantage of its good appearance.

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