Liri 2024 Fire Safety Drill

In order to improve employees’ fire safety awareness and self-mutual rescue capabilities, Liri Architecture Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd held a fire drill on June 20. The drill was centered on “enhancing emergency management awareness and improving self-mutual rescue capabilities”, with full participation to ensure that every staff can learn fire safety knowledge professional.

Liri 2024 Fire Safety Drill (1)

During the drill, the simulated fire unfolded quickly, and employees evacuated to a safe area quickly and orderly according to the predetermined plan. In an emergency, everyone showed a high degree of self-protection awareness and teamwork spirit. Then, under the guidance of the safety officer, employees conducted practical exercises such as fire alarm and fire extinguisher use to ensure that everyone can escape correctly in an emergency.

Liri 2024 Fire Safety Drill (3)

After the drill, Liri Architecture Technology representative said that “Fire safety is the company’s top priority ”. Through this drill, not only the employees’ emergency escape capabilities were improved, but also the effectiveness of the company’s emergency plan was tested. Liri will continue to emphasize fire safety and training to ensure that every employee can become a guardian of fire safety.

Liri 2024 Fire Safety Drill (2)

This fire drill enhanced employees’ safety awareness and improved the company’s step in next level. Liri Architecture Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd will continue pay attention to fire safety and keep the company’s stable development.

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