International Working Women’s Day Activity

On this special holiday, we have carefully planned a series of exciting and diverse activities, just to let every female colleague feel the joy of being loved and respected. Wearing the elegant Hanfu clothing and showcase our most confident and beautiful.

International Working Women's Day Activity (1)

Each guest present can draw an auspicious sign and receive an auspicious gift. Appreciating the music of the guzheng fluttering in the air, telling the millennium sentiment of the Chinese nation.

International Working Women's Day Activity (3)

The round silk fan is a cultural symbol of a millennium old style, and we work together to witness its magical transformation from blank to brilliant, from simple to elegant. We record this beautiful moment with photos. Everyone is dressed in Hanfu clothing and dancing gracefully, with beautiful shadows shining like fairies. Everyone gathered together, drinking tea and chatting freely.

International Working Women's Day Activity (4)

This activity allows us to witness the charm of Hanfu culture together. Thank you all for your participation and dedication. May our company always uphold the traditional virtues of China in this vibrant era. Let’s work hand in hand, with honesty as the foundation and dedication as the soul, to jointly create a more brilliant future.

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