Double Peak Glamping Tent

The double peak hotel tent is under double peak design on the rooftop, which is full of stylish and elegant European style.

  1. General Details

    In order to attract tourists, Tourist attractions create a wide variety of hotel type. However, The glamping tent is the most popular design providing different travel experience. It can create a hotel that perfectly integrates into the environment without destroying. The fresh double peak glamping tent has led to a new direction for new hotel venues.

    The double-peak glamping tent is full of stylish and elegant European style. Under the backdrop of nature, it is like a luxury villa in the suburbs. What’s more, the glamping tent has more interior space. The glamping tent application area will be more extensive. such as scenic camp, hotel accommodation, and outdoor activities, leisure and entertainment venues, special dining, etc.

    Glamping tent is very flexible for installation and disassembly. You can decorate the double peak glamping tent from the inside and out. In order to be more integrated into the surrounding environment. You can print the wall with various colors and patterns, to design different theme hotel. Also, it can be with floor-to-ceiling transparent glass walls which make the guests feel like at outdoors and have a panoramic view. The interior decoration can be equipped with various accessories such as furniture, home appliances, bedding, lighting, bathroom, carpet, luxurious curtains, etc., to create a romantic and warm room.

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