Yurt Glamping Tent

Compared to traditional yurts, the new yurt tents introduced by Liri Tent retain the circular shape but are updated on the skeleton and fabric.

  1. General Details

    In the early days of the emergence of the yurt, it was used as a residence for the shepherds of the grasslands. In some European countries, the yurt represents a portable or tent-like structure used by shepherds. But now, the emergence of a new type of yurt tent has refreshed people’s understanding of the yurt and opened up a new way of camping.

    First, the “New” Yurt

    1、The new structure

    Compared to traditional yurts, our new yurt tent retains the circular shape, but updated skeleton and fabric. On the skeleton, the yurt tent adopts strong and lightweight aluminum alloy frame, which are available in various sizes depending on the environment and bearing capacity. On the fabric, in order to ensure the long-term lifespan we choose foam coated PVC cloth, has good waterproof performance, and also has self-cleaning, anti-mildew, anti-aging and flame retardant effects etc. The construction time of a yurt tent usually takes several hours, but it depends on the size of the yurt required.

    2、The new shape

    The reason the yurt tent is made of aluminum alloy frame not only because of it’s strong and light but also because the aluminum alloy frame has good ductility. According to the special requirements of customers for space, Liri tents can provide customized yurt tents, such as polygonal tents and combination tents, to expand the use of space.

    Second, the new way of glamping

    1、New glamping accommodation

    When mentioning camping accommodation, the first thing that comes to mind is a simple tent, wet sleeping bags, thin quilts, and simple daily necessities. But this is only a low-end version of the camping residence. The high-grade version of the glamping tent has a series of supporting facilities such as a separate bathroom, comfortable bed, soft cups, leisure sofas, and heating stoves. This is what the yurt tent can give.

    Who said camping must be painful and happy? You can also have a comfortable and happy glamping tent trip.

    2, the new glamping form

    There are many different forms of camping, car camping, and RV camping are more common. Backpackers’ equipment is relatively simple, but bad performance in rainproof and windproof. The equipment for car camping can be slightly better, but the quality of the rest is not very good.

    In response to the shortcomings of these camping forms, new forms of camping have emerged, known as glamping tent. The yurt glamping tent has good performance in rain and wind resistance and also has a large rest space and feeling of home comfort. Traveling during the day and returning to the “home” at night is the correct way to open the camp.

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