Hawaii Glamping Tent

  1. General Details

    Let’s imagine that you are eating and talking with your friends in the Glamping Tent on a summer night with full stars. That must be a nice experience.

    Nowadays, people become busy and depressed, more and more people want to get away from daily life to explore new things and go back to nature. But at the same time, they want to have found a comfortable place to stay. Our Hawaii Glamping Tent will be an ideal solution for this. It can not only provide a spacious space to stay, but it can set up in the wild area which gives you an extraordinary accommodation experience.

    The roof design of our Hawaii Glamping Tent is double layer roof that can provide good ventilation. It is very suitable for hot summer. And it can fix with Air conditioner. The arch roof shape makes it look very unique but also has the function of effectively resisting rain. Full hotel facilities will be provided, including well-equipped furniture, electrical appliances, bathroom units. The sidewalls are cover with roll-up mesh windows which can create the ultimate outdoor feeling and can resist mosquitoes. All these accessories ensure a comfortable stay.

    After a long day of exploration and adventure, some hikers return from the wilderness, some people come from the busy city. All of them can sit on the balcony and take a relax. If the weather is good, they can watch the sunset and feel the peace and stability of that moment.

    1. Would like a quote on this and how fast can o get and is it easy to put up

    2. Price for a 2-4 person please

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