Modular Pyramid Tent

  1. General Details

    Modular Pyramid Tents Features

    1. European-style pyramid tent, unique, eye-catching。
    2. The modular pyramid tent shape is similar to the pagoda tent. But the biggest difference is to share the upright beam and eave beam. You can seamlessly connect multiple tents, extendable unlimitedly.
    3. The upright and eave beam works as the rain gutters, water from the top will have flowed from the upright supports for discharge, which is humanized design to avoid rains pouring down from the roofs directly and avoid leaving stains.
    4. You can connect singly or multi-form modular tents, such as the shoulder by shoulder connecting, U shape connecting, four tents square connecting, random connecting, with the advantage to expand the use of space and reduce land area.


    modular pyramid tent 5x5m, 6x6m, 8x8m, and 10x10m


    After equipped with other facilities, You can use a modular pyramid tent for temporary, semi-permanent or permanent outdoor exhibition halls, mobile offices, VIP lounges, multi-purpose suites, and outdoor hotels.

    This product was awarded the national invention patent    Patent No.: 201720905621.3,ZL201920591123.5

    The Combination Connection Mode of Modular Pyramid Tent

    The Combination Connection Mode of Modular Pyramid Tent

    Modular Pyramid Tents Technical data

    Modular Pyramid Tent

  2. Product Specification
    Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightMain Profile
    5m3m5.6m150x150x2.5m (4 - channel)
    6m3m5.8m150x150x2.5m (4 - channel)
    8m3m6.5m150x150x2.5m (4 - channel)
    9m3m7m150x150x2.5m (4 - channel)
    10m3m7.5m150x150x2.5m (4 - channel)
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