Module Square Tent

The Modular tent is a high-end product developed independently by Liri tent. It has excellent appearance and structural advantages, European Pagoda tent, stylish dome, simple flat top, horizontal/vertical coated glass, ABS hard wall, cassette wooden flooring system. All the supporting facilities can be used for the whole series, fully embody the essence of modular structure. A variety of supporting facilities can be selected and matched according to actual demands. One of the most important features is:

  1. The tent eave beams have the function of drainage grooves, and the water in the eaves can be discharged from the eave beams through the columns(gable pole) to prevent rainwater from dripping directly from the tent eaves;
  2. Multiple modular tents can share the columns and beams, so it could achieve seamless connection, also could be infinitely expanded.
  3. Multi-form of connecting, shoulder by shoulder connecting, four tents square connecting, random connecting(customized connecting).


LIRI modular tents are often seen at some high-end events, because whether they are used individually or in combination, it does add a lot of charm to the event by its high appearance, for some brand exhibition halls used in temporary outdoor events or phases, we also highly recommend that you adopt this architectural form, which can be flexibly matched with different walls and canopies to achieve spatial changes. The shape of a combination of multiple hexagons will be more creative than a quadrilateral. Liri can provide you different creative plan design customization services.