Polygon High Peak Tent

  1. General Details

    Polygon Side High Peak Tent is built on the basis of the Hexagon, Octagon, Decagon and Dodecagon Tents. The high peak roof design makes the tent looks special and artistic. Full line accessories are compatible for this series, such as clear windows, ground anchors, base plate system, roof lining and inside curtains, glass walls, glass doors, ABS walls, transparent roof covers and sidewalls, flooring system and rain gutters.

    The design for Polygon Side High Peak Tent is advanced. It’s quite stable which can resist strong wind up to 100km/hour (0.5kn/sqm). The assembly, disassembly and storage are user-friendly. So it is widely used for all kinds of events, parties, weddings, exhibitions, sports and so on.

    For more information of Polygon High Peak Tent please contact us.

  2. Product Specification
    Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
    6m2.6m5.18m3m100x48x3mm (4 - channel)
    8m2.6m5.66m4m100x48x3mm (4 - channel)
    9m2.6m5.83m4.5m100x48x3mm (4 - channel)
    10m2.6m6.0m5.3m100x48x3mm (4 - channel)
  3. 3D Drawing

    Polygon Tent

  4. Technical Data
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