Small Walkway Corner Tent

  1. General Details

    Small Walkway Corner Tent
    There are two designs for Small Walkway Corner Tent, including Mini A Shape and Mini Dome Shape. The corner is 90°, 3m, 4m and 5m radius are available. They can be connected with normally small tents perfectly.
    Small Walkway Corner Tent can be used as an entrance of Exhibition Tents and a junction for big tents in various events. It is a good shelter for screening sunlight and rain. Therefore, small walkway corner tent is widely used for some big outdoor events, such as European Golf Championship, equestrianism, and sports events. The most obvious feature of small walkway corner tent is that the length and the quality of the corners are all unlimited. It’s very flexible and can be fixed on lawn, cement base, hill and adapted to any ground surface. Rapid assembly and disassembly are also one of the biggest advantages of small walkway corner tent.

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