Small Tent

As the most famous tent manufacturer in China, a variety of Small Tents are available from LIRI TENT. Because of the good quality, elegant appearance and multi-functions, our tents are quite popular in the market. From Mini Tent series to Pagoda Tent, Half Sphere Tent, and Mixed Tent, we are making the greatest effort to improve.

Comparing to the large tents, Small Tents are easier to be assembled, less components and volume, and storage-friendly. A small tent can be installed quickly by a few workers without heavy-duty machinery. What is more, the frames and connectors are made of aluminum alloy, which is totally rust-proof. And PVC fabric is windproof, waterproof, UV resistant and flame retardant. Small Tents can be used alone or a few sets are combined together to be special shapes with a larger area.

Small Tent, because of its outstanding features and a wide range of functions, it can be used for temporary rest rooms, weddings, parties, small exhibitions and anniversaries.

Besides PVC fabric side walls, some high-end choices are available, such as glass walls, glass doors, flooring system, transparent roof covers, gable triangles and side walls are available. Customer’s satisfaction is always our final goal.