Steel Structure Industrial Tent

  1. General Details

    Liri Tent Offers High Quality Steel Structure Tent For Warehouse and Industrial Storage
    Liri tent develops a new design steel structure tent used for warehouse and storage, which is based on using new environmentally friendly building materials, professional structure design in a standardized, modularized and universal production process. With a standardized assembling, the steel structure industrial tent can be installed efficiently in a short time, so it will provide a very short construction production cycle and save a lot of labor force. Also, our steel structure industrial tent is an easy installation, same as piling up a building block.
    This steel structure industrial tent adopt Q235 high-strength steel for its frame. 15m Width, 20m length, and 4m side height warehouse tent provide a perfect interior space inside. Wind resistance is over 120km/h,0.5kn/sqm. The structure system is strong, fastness, anti-corrosion and rustless.
    The fabric of steel structure industrial tent adopts double PVC coated polyester, which is block-out, water-proof, UV resistant, fire retardant. Flame retardant meets German standard DIN4102 B1,M2 and US CFM701.
    This steel structure industrial tent can provide a perfect supporting facility/ accessories to meet all your idea: steel sheet sidewall system, sandwich sidewall system, thermo PVC roof system, PVC fabric, single door, roller door, air conditioner, push-pull glass window and so on.
    Our steel structure industrial tent is not only suitable used as advanced temporary outdoor warehouse tent but also can be used as a large industrial warehouse building.  Its advantage is strong, safe, beautiful, easy installation and easy storage and transportation.
    Liri tent always offers one-stop services and various of customized design requirements on the steel structure industrial tents.

  2. Product Specification
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