Warehouse Tent

Liri outdoor warehouse tent is of high quality and modular design, which made of strong and durable aluminum frames. It is easy to be installed and dismantled, and it’s the best permanent and temporary solution for the logistics company to meet the needs of storage in the peak season.

LIRI Assembly and Movable Warehouse Tent reached the standardization, modules and general standards on the basis of the new environmental construction materials. It is suitable for industrial applications, you can easily connect and quickly assemble in a short time. Advantaging with low costs, short assemble time and recycle, which means it can save labor costs and decrease the building period and improve the production rate by its easy transport and customized design and free spots choice.

Warehouse Tent Solutions

Coca-Cola Temporary Warehouse Tent

Liri Tent provides temporary warehouse tents for the Coca-Cola Company and solves their storage needs in both peak and slack season.

Temporary Storage Warehouse Marquee Tent

LIRI industrial tent used as warehouse is a good solution to the surge demand for storage in peak shopping season like "Black Friday".

Storage Warehouse Tent in The Industrial Park​

Liri warehouse tent is high quality, and easy to be installed and dismantled which is the best solution for the logistics company.

20m x 40m Clear Span Temporary Warehouse Tent​

The new thermal insulation roof warehousing tent is the latest warehouse tent series from Liri Tent. Besides the performance of the original warehouse tent.