Crossover Dome Tent

  1. General Details

    With more and more brands choosing to conduct activities outdoors, people have a higher demand for the events tents, not only requiring the effect of sun shading and heat insulation but also having visual beauty and eye-catching effect.

    The PVC fabric of the Crossover Dome Tent has been precisely calculated and cut, and each part is proportional and symmetrical. Therefore, although the tent structure is simple, the effect is exceptionally tense and the shape is very tall and straight.

    As a portable tent, the Crossover Dome Tent makes the most of its advantages. Aside from being easy to install, remove, and lightweight, the fabric acts as an eye-catching sign.

    Crossover Dome Tent uses high-strength aluminum alloy profiles as its main profile and steel components as its supporting connection. The overall structure has passed the professional wind inspection and damage inspection, which has high integrity and safety. The fabric is a professional PVC knife scraping coating fiber cloth, not only has excellent UV resistance function, but also the service life of three to five years, with self-cleaning, UV resistance, and flame retardant function.

    This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL202130310389.0


    C-L + C-M

    H-L + C-M

    The features of Crossover Dome Tent:

    1. Strong and safe.
    2. Wind resistance, rain resistance, sun protection, etc.
    3. Relatively simple and quick to install and dismantle.
    4. Small size, easy to transport and store.
    5. Quadrilateral and hexagon can be mixed and matched freely according to requirements.
    6. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for temporary activities such as auto shows, camping, restaurants, parties, leisure, and entertainment, etc.
    7. There are no special requirements for the construction site.

    The client can customize the printing pattern to the fabric of the Crossover Dome Tent to display the brand image. In addition to the basic shading function, the Crossover Dome Tent has an open design that allows visitors to view the product from 360° angles without fear of congestion.

    ModelWidth (side length)Length (diameter)Eave heightRidge heightFrame profile size
    C-M6.26.2m6.2m2.15m3.75m∅60 x t3
    H-M6.26.22m12.43m2.15m5.35m∅90 x t3
    C-L8.28.2m8.2m2.5m4.95m∅90 x t3
    H-L8.28.22m16.58m2.5m7.15m∅114 x t3


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