Tree House Dome

  1. General Details

    In a campsite surrounded by the natural forest, Tree House Dome has become a popular choice for many tourists with its unique charm and design. Whether you are looking for a quiet accommodation experience, a couple pursuing a romantic moment, or a family camp looking for fun close to nature, Tree House Dome can meet your needs.

    Tree House Dome is a perfect tent that provides close contact with nature. When night falls, the lights in the tent are soft and blend into the surrounding natural environment, creating a quiet and comfortable resting space for you. In the tent, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel the tranquility and harmony of nature.

    For couples, Tree House Dome is extremely romantic. It is like a private space in the universe, creating a romantic and private space for you. The large PVC transparent windows allow guests to lie in the comfortable tent and look up at the starry sky, as if they are in the vast universe and dancing with the stars.

    For families with children, Tree House Dome is an ideal choice. It provides a platform to get close to nature, allowing children to contact and understand the beauty and mystery of nature. In Tree House Dome, family members can spend a warm and unforgettable time together and create beautiful memories together.

    In the campsite, you can engage in outdoor events such as barbecue and picnic together, enjoy the double gifts of food and nature, and feel the emotional exchange between each other.

    It is made of Q235 high-strength steel pipe structure with hot-dip galvanized surface and is matched with PVC knife-scraped coated synthetic fiber fabric. Effective sunshade, windproof and rainproof, allowing you to enjoy camping life in any situation.

    With its unique suspended design and charm characteristic, Liri Tree House Dome has become an ideal choice for various outdoor events and accommodation needs. We provide personalized customization services, allowing you to choose your favorite colors, patterns and internal facilities according to the style of the camp to create a unique tent.


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