40m Double Decker Exhibition Tent

40m Wide Arcum Tent With Double Decker For Exhibitions

About The Project

With the continuous changes of sales exhibition space, do you want a unique movable structure to display your products? The 40m wide Marcum double-decker exhibition tent from Liri Tent is definitely your best choice. It’s innovative and upgraded design concept will make you outstanding.In addition, the movable structure exhibition tent is easy to set up and flexible, thus you won’t miss any show opportunities.

Liri Tent has been the outdoor exhibition tent supplier of Canton Fair since 2001, and we are the tent supplier for many large-scale exhibitions.

So why is Liri Tent so popular for these large-scale exhibitions? Where is its value?

Liri 40m arcum tent for exhibition opens a new innovative era, improving the 4m standard side height structures into 8m side height double-decker tent, which can offer larger spaces for larger exhibitions.
After the height increased, the exhibition tent area will reach 200% utilization, also its eave can be added the billboard walls to provide customers a better advertising platform.
Exhibition Tents are more and more popular for outdoor exhibitions in recent years. As for the design of exhibition arrangements, tents are more flexible solutions for the designer since they are not limited by the sizes and spaces.

Liri tents are a modular design, and the lightweight structures are easy to transport and set up. Only one day is needed to complete the installation of 1,000 square meters exhibition tents, which can definitely meet the customers’ requirements for fast delivery.

Nowadays, domestic people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor exhibitions, so in order to meet different customers’ various requirements, Liri Tent keeps improving and developing various aesthetic and practical tents in tent industry.

Exhibition Tent Series Specifications
Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
15m 3.92m 5.4m 5m 300x120x5mm (4 – channel)
20m 3.92m 6.3m 5m 300x120x5mm (4 – channel)
25m 3.92m 7.15m 5m 300x120x5mm (4 – channel)
30m 3.92m 7.87m 5m 300x120x5mm (4 – channel)
40m 3.92m 9.6m 5m 300x120x5mm (4 – channel)

Frame struts: hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6(15HW).

Fabric cover: high quality double PVC-coated polyester textile, 100% waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, CFM, UV resistant, tear resistant, self-cleaning ability, etc.

Connector: strong hot-dip galvanized steel

Allowed temperature condition: -30 degree Celsius +70 degree Celsius

Wind load: max. 100km/h (can be reinforced)

Snow load: 75kg/sqm (snow can’t stay if use big degree roof pitch design)

Easy to be assembled and dismantled, movable.

No pole inside, 100% available interior space.

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  1. Peut-on avoir une tente de 20m x 16m x3m sur une terrasse?si oui faites moi un devis.

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