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2018 2nd Anaya Cup Equestrian Super Grand Prix

About The Project

The three-day 2018 2nd Anaya Cup Equestrian Super Grand Prix came to an end with a series of equestrian riding tent in Anaya Beach. In this year’s Equestrian, there are Olympic champions, world equestrian sports champions from all over the world, but also many young and talented youngsters, including some to participate in the family fun games.

Indoor Horse Riding Hall

In addition to events, the biggest highlight of beach equestrian is the sea-view indoor horse arena. As an exclusive tent supplier, Liri Tent offers a one-stop Equestrian riding tent and temporary facility solutions. With a total of nearly 8,000 square meters of tents including a VIP viewing area. grandstand area, media area, stable area, and other multi-functional areas. In order to ensure order and provide a better viewing environment, Liri Tent offers temporary bleachers with nearly 700 seats for the auditorium. During the day, the audience can sit in the tent, drink cold drinks in the wind, watch the exciting events; in the evening, in addition to dining here, you can also enjoy concerts and bonfire.

Diversified Events

The equestrian sport itself is a graceful sport. In addition to the interaction between the Equestrian riding tent and the horse, the organizers also created fashion cross-border seaside events. The events include classical concerts, beach volleyball matches, theme bonfire evenings, and borderless beach cinemas, as well as making fashion hats, all are more diversified than in last year.

This is a highly anticipated beach event. On this quiet beach, accompanied by the melodious saxophone and the performance of the top Ukrainian royal orchestra. The Asian Super Equestrian Grand Prix has gone through two years. In the short future, LIRI tent will continue to accompany the Anaya Equestrian Grand Prix with the spirit of the Cavaliers.

More Applications of Liri Tents in Equestrian Items
Sports Event Tent Series Specifications
Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
10m6.75m8.50m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
15m6.75m9.34m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
6.75m10.17m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
25m6.75m11m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
30m6.75m11.75m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
40m6.75m13.5m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)

Frame struts: hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6(15HW).

Fabric cover: high quality double PVC-coated polyester textile; 100% waterproof; flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, CFM; UV resistant, tear resistant, self-cleaning ability, etc.

Connector: strong hot-dip galvanized steel

Allowed temperature condition: -30 degree Celsius +70 degree Celsius

Wind load: max. 100km/h

Snow load: 75kg/sqm (snow can’t stay if use big degree roof pitch design)

Easy to assemble and disassemble

No pole inside, 100% available interior space.

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